Florence Italy Lover's Bridge

A perfect January day in Florence, Italy.

I am home from a two week adventure in Italy, complete with Christmas trees, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” style adventures, and finding those lost shadows, and romance for the soul.

So many handsome men, so many cute dogs, SO MUCH ART.


And coffee. Oh the coffee.

And the wine.

I’ll be posting my stories soon. But I’m back for 2018 with new features, new blog posts, new insights on parenting, relationships, elders, tall tales, and critters.

When we arrived home around midnight this morning we were greeted by rain and the sound of millions of frogs.

It is always good to travel, but it is good to be home.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



A Very Vampire Birthday

October 23, 1859

I was born on that day, the last child of a family of interesting characters. Since then I’ve had many adventures both alone and with others.

This day was low key with only the small adventures of daily life.

My mind is full of a busy week ahead. It is full of stories I want to share. It is full of stories I’ll be living. My brain of full of mystery and adventures I have ahead of me. I’m going off into unknown territory. But aren’t we all.

Life is full of adventures. Last night I was telling my mom about all the times I’ve traveled alone and explored unknown placed. I’ve thought of adventures with both friends, and strangers.

This will be a week of adventures both externally and internally. I feel like it is the start of a new chapter. It is the chapter where my character finally comes into her own. There will be surprises for our Heroine Juliette, and in the end of a story sprinkled with humor, romance, and mystery, there will be a grand surprise and plot twists that will absolutely knock you out of your seat.

That isn’t just this blog. That is real life. Live like you create, and create as you wish to live.

Of course, having my faithful readers (all six of you) makes it seem like a party every single day of the year. Thank you.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Oscar the cat enjoying my art

Oscar the cat enjoying my artwork.


What Happens in Vegas…2013 Vampire Roadtrip Continues

Vampire Roadtrip

Vampire Roadtrip

Kids are going to be who they’re going to be. You never know who you’re going to give birth to. But I can say I definitely gave birth to my daughter. She doesn’t look like me but we are so much alike. We’ve been on the road for 5 days and it has been a riot. I mean that in a fun way, not a destructive breaking windows and looting way. Anyway…today we arrived in Las Vegas.

It is HOT and blazing Hell-like sunny. Hence, I sit in the cool and dark writing this because I’ve had way too much exposure and risked frying myself to a crisp and going into some sort of heat related Vampire coma. But we’re now In Las Vegas – where the night will come and the sky will be awash in lights and life and a regular feast for the eyes – and a feast for Vampires.

We’re sending the kids off to the water park tonight. A regular buffet for hungry Vampire teens and talk about “fast food”.  And it is fun. Hey, if anyone tells you Vampires don’t have fun they’re wrong. Vampire teens always know how to have fun. Fun is their code.

For the adults there are other entertainments and other places to dine. Many more places.

My dear friend Amelia lives in Las Vegas with her daughter and husband. Amelia and I were both born the same year (1859) and have known each other since we were the same ages as our daughters (14).

Amelia stretched out her long legs in her ultra modern and cool living room and gave me one of “those looks”. “Guess who is back in town?”

I could feel my lip twitch in disgust. I knew who she was talking about. It was Don. Disgusting Don who gives all Modern Vampires and all Males of any species a bad name. Ugh. I swore that last time I saw him that I’d kill him. Not nice, but he is lower than a roach in my book. He’d abuse the lower forms of Vampire women and Regular Humans as well. He was scum. He needed to go away. Amelia and I decided that WE were going to make him go away.

I could just see him in a shiny black suit, a silver shirt unbuttoned down the front, gold chains, dark hair slicked back, 8 diamond rings and just a hint of eyeliner.

Of course there was the scent that clung to the air as he passed by – a mixture of blood, lemons and sandalwood. Made me want to barf.

Amelia and I had come across him in the 1930’s. He’d gone to Europe from the dust bowl as a Regular Human and returned a Vampire. Not the kind of person we like to see being turned into a Vampire. There were repercussions but Don, unfortunately, was spared and has spent the past 80 years spreading his slime across the world only make a poisoned snail like trail between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

At various times over the years, he’d stalked me and tried to drag me into his nasty lair. The guy had no idea what he was dealing with. My husband Teddy and brother Max hunted him down and dropped him down a mine shaft where we stayed for over a year, only to be rescued by one of his pathetic little Vampire sluts. These are not Modern Vampires, but Vampire cockroaches of the lowest order. Vampire Trash. The idea of them makes my skin crawl. And even worse, he attracts Vampire Hunters – the kind who make no distinction between scum like Don and the rest of us. Damn it. I wish they’ll thrown a fire bomb down that well when they had the chance.

In the meantime, Amelia and I discussed what we’re going to do tonight. Maybe go to a few clubs. We’d put on our little black dresses and heels and have some grown-up fun.

I suggested cocktails but Amelia just smiled and said “Why not just go straight for the jugular.”

And perhaps, as long as we’re solving all the problems of the world, we’ll do a little Vampire hunting of our own. Watch out Don, if Amelia and I get our way this might be your last night in Vegas.

Now that sounds like a fun night out.

Wishing you all fun, no matter what you’re doing or who you’re doing it with.

I’ll keep you updated on what happens with Don the cockroach later tonight or tomorrow.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


You’re never a stranger when you’re a Vampire… 2013 Roadtrip

roadtripSometimes even Vampire parents have to get their children from Point A to Point B.

This year that means ROAD TRIP TIME.

Traveling for us is just a little different. We interact a bit more with other travelers along the way. We like to drive at night. We stop more to look at the stars. But other than that we’re just like anyone else driving across America!

My 14 year old daughter and I will be traveling across California and the Southwest, savoring the locals and the local culture and history – from Sacramento to Albuquerque with stops along the way. She has an event in Albuquerque so we decided to make it a real vacation with highway travel, National Monuments, stops to see our Vampire friends in the desert and loads of “are we there yet” fun.

On the way we’ll be posting postcards from the road, our thoughts, our adventures and any other thoughts we might want to share. This is the first major driving-in-a-car-across-state-lines trip we’ve made since Yellowstone three summers ago so we’re looking forward to it.

And for you Zombie watchers…we will be passing by the super secret Area Z. Stay tuned. We’re not going to get too close! And of course in New Mexico we’ll look for little green hitch hiking space aliens (HA! Like anyone believes in green space aliens in New Mexico.)

Anyway…just wanted to give you a heads up.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman and Clara aka Vampire Teen

night drive

Stranger in a Strange Land

Adventure in a Cup – Musings on coffee, mornings and not being normal…



I know I’d promised you all romance, but I have to wake up first. I can do without a lot of things but going without coffee is difficult. My husband doesn’t drink coffee. He is a tea guy. I love tea, but this nocturnal lady needs her COFFEE when living in a world where everything happens during the DAY.

Yes, of course I could move to a larger city (or stay here) and live at night, but I have kids and they live in the modern world so I need my coffee.

So what will the day bring in that hot mug? I hope something good. On weekends I can linger (sometimes if there are no sports events or other kid events to race to) over a cup inside when it is damp, out on the deck when it is dry.

This isn’t the first post I’ve done about coffee and mornings. Some in my family would be shocked that I’ve become a morning person, watching the sunrise as the rest of my kind sleep. Oh well. Get over it.

So I guess this could be a romance or an adventure in a cup.

Adventure in a Cup

Adventure in a Cup










My mother worries about her children taking on too many traits of the modern world. Three out of the five of us have gone almost completely diurnal – that is we spend most of our waking hours during the day. I tend to like the idea of being crepuscular but unfortunately my busy schedule doesn’t always allow it.

Diurnal= daytime,
Crepuscular= Dawntime and dusktime

Oh it would be so easy to dress in black, sleep all day, go out at night and lurk in the shadows like Vampires of old, but I have kids and a life outside of what I eat. That is…when I have coffee.


So it is time for all of my Vampire Mom friends to WAKE UP!














Happy Friday everyone. Have a wonderful weekend with your kids, husbands, friends off all kinds and watch out for ghosts and other unreasonable creatures!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Be inspired!

Be inspired!