You’re never a stranger when you’re a Vampire… 2013 Roadtrip

roadtripSometimes even Vampire parents have to get their children from Point A to Point B.

This year that means ROAD TRIP TIME.

Traveling for us is just a little different. We interact a bit more with other travelers along the way. We like to drive at night. We stop more to look at the stars. But other than that we’re just like anyone else driving across America!

My 14 year old daughter and I will be traveling across California and the Southwest, savoring the locals and the local culture and history – from Sacramento to Albuquerque with stops along the way. She has an event in Albuquerque so we decided to make it a real vacation with highway travel, National Monuments, stops to see our Vampire friends in the desert and loads of “are we there yet” fun.

On the way we’ll be posting postcards from the road, our thoughts, our adventures and any other thoughts we might want to share. This is the first major driving-in-a-car-across-state-lines trip we’ve made since Yellowstone three summers ago so we’re looking forward to it.

And for you Zombie watchers…we will be passing by the super secret Area Z. Stay tuned. We’re not going to get too close! And of course in New Mexico we’ll look for little green hitch hiking space aliens (HA! Like anyone believes in green space aliens in New Mexico.)

Anyway…just wanted to give you a heads up.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman and Clara aka Vampire Teen

night drive

Stranger in a Strange Land


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