Last night I dreamt I was Gaia, earth mother, and eldest grandson of mine.

Child and grandparent as one, the grass grows taller as I run from the mad hunger of a caretaker-

How could the adults do that?
As you overthrew your father, and now fear what is coming?

Oh god of harvest, of season’s change, the irony that you in particular do not pick up-

That the cycle will continue and the sickle will fall.



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I am honored to have shared this poem from my friend Adelia. She is currently a third year university student in Arizona.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


2019 Nano Pablano Cheer Peppers. 

Morning Dew

Fall has come

Crisp and clear

Morning dew

Brings birds

And ghosts

Who dance in the woods

Behind my house

In celebration of

October passages

To the land of those who are between.




~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Seasons and Change

 Musings on Seasons and Change

lolaThe nights are growing longer and there is a smell of change in the air. It feels like our inland home is on the coast in the early mornings with the overcast skies that burn off after the sun comes fully up.  I love this time of year. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like fall. It never lasts long enough in a place where only winter and summer seem long enough.

Lola and I sat on my deck that overlooks the oak forest, catching up on all that we need to catch up on. Cody (my new Vampire), my husband Teddy, the kids and my brother Val were inside, doing who knows what.

For those who don’t already know, Lola is my great great great great grandmother. She doesn’t look a day over 26, but she is ancient even for our standards. She is cunning and sly, yet sweet and sensitive. Lola is a survivor and a sage. And she is my own Grandmamma who always looks out for me and gives me sage advice.

As Modern Vampires we generally have a good sense of self.

From an early age I’ve tried to get my kids to enjoy the moment, but realize that there is more to come. I know that things that they like now, music, clothing, humor, will eventually change and what doesn’t change will have more added to it. Everything is always evolving.

Treasure the time you have now and embrace the future – for it is your future for you to shape and control.

Lola mentioned that she knew Vampires who’d dress like Mrs. Danvers because they didn’t want to deal with shopping. Now with the Internet one doesn’t have to wear the same dresses for 50 years.

Listen up girls, you can look all musty like Mrs. Danvers and it won't be a bit of fun.

Listen up girls, you can look all musty like Mrs. Danvers and it won’t be a bit of fun.


“I don’t understand them at all. They can slam a man against a wall and bite his neck, but they refuse to go into a shop to buy a decent dress. They’re one of the reasons our reputation is so foul. Nobody wants to be bitten by a frump or someone who give you the creeps. Style is everything and I can’t stress the importance of that enough.” Lola told this to me as I noticed how cute her outfit was. Jeans, a tee shit, a great little jacket, a funky scarf, great dangling earrings and a pair of great sandals.

Or you can go shopping and look great like this Vampire. She is rocking that dress and she won't be creeping out anyone!

Or you can go shopping and look great like this Vampire. She is rocking that dress and she won’t be creeping out anyone!


220px-Rebecca_1940_film_posterBy the way, if you don’t know who Mrs. Danvers is then watch the movie Rebecca. She is one of the top movie villains of ALL TIME. Or read the book great book. Makes for a good Halloween story!

Rebecca (1940) –Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. With Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders, Judith Anderson.

Rebecca (the book, 1938) by Dauphine De Muir

Lola has never been musty or kept much company with the musty old Vampires. She is the trendsetter and that I feel has kept her in this world for since the fourteenth century.

We talked books. Neither one of us are reading anything right now that is up for the Nobel Prize or anything except maybe good ratings from readers.

I used to only read deep literary books but now I’m having a lot more fun reading “popular” fiction. Fiction is like friends. Some are fun and some aren’t.  Some are deep and meaningful, which can be a good thing, but not all of the time. Our brains need variety – even Vampire brains. Even Zombie brains (OK I just put that one in to be funny.) A steady diet of the same kind of book can make one dull, or at least bored, which is not fun at all.

Then the subject of Cody came up. Cody has had to deal with a great deal of change. Cody became a Vampire, not his choice, but it has settled well with him. He accepted it very well all things considering. Of course I’ve been working a lot with him (that is part of my job – working with new Vampires).

He accepted profound change both physically and mentally in a way that I’ve seen few do. So when he fell in love with Lola, my Grandmamma, THAT caused all sorts of talk and discussions and scandal in my family.

Change is scary. It is scary when someone we all love and depend on finds happiness in someplace unexpected – and with someone unexpected.

He is 34 and she is well, a lot older. Centuries older. But they share so much in their hearts and so much in what excites them. They learn from each other.

Of course I keep the preditorial older females away from my son. And fear is already in the hearts of any older males who dare look at my daughter. That said, Cody and Lola are adults and neither predatory or dominant over the other. Shouldn’t all relationships be that balanced?

While there is very little change in my life, I live with teens so there is a lot of change in theirs. Not so much the day to day, but over weeks and months is becomes sometimes profound. Having teens is like living with toddlers – everyday brings something new. Every single day brings growth, more so than elementary years. It is a time for the world to open up and swallow them up. I mean, really, it feels like that. But it is a busy time for parents too. Not so much all the driving around and wondering why everything is so expensive, but just the effort to keep up and keep track, keep sane and have fun. It is a fun time. Change is OK. At least the kind we’re seeing in our teens is good.

Lola and I walk down to the edge of my yard by the fence where the cat is sitting. He looks out upon his world and scans the dry grass for insects and small animals. We can see the eyes of raccoons or maybe other cats in the dark woods.

She stoked the cat who in return purred and rubbed against her. “Change is good,” Lola said, “but I could spend forever in a night like this.” Then she gave me a hug, and hugged the cat, then we went inside and joined our family.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman