Exhausted, and Hopeful, and My Brain is Full

Last night the coyotes were out in full force right behind my house. It was like the gates of Hell opened up and a party of canine demons had jumped out and had their own belated Thanksgiving celebrations. My dog started to bark and wouldn’t stop. She was inside, and it was loud – 95 pound German Shepard loud. LOUD.

Today I’ll hang the Christmas wreath on the door. My husband and I are going to go to an artisan fair to benefit the art museum. With any luck I’ll talk to my kids who were not here at Thanksgiving due to schedules and insane travel conditions. Next year I think we’ll all rent a beach house close to where they live and just spend it there.

Contrary to popular beliefs Vampires are not immune to minor colds, hangovers of all sorts, fatigue, or grief.

I found out a few days ago that a friend I’d lot touch with during the whole Covid/Pandemic melt down, had passed away over the summer. She was one of those people who was just amazing, and that is all I’m going to say today.

Too much is going on with my husband and I these days. I know some of you can relate. We’ve all been through those times when we wish we could just let everything go and spend our days gardening or painting or taking the boat down a river to look at the fall color (which is later here than in other parts). Sometimes there is just too much and we need the rest of the week and weekend to try to decompress and clear out our brains, knowing that we don’t have control over what is happening. We only have control over how we react.

On a good note, I am in the editing stages of a book. Yes, a complete two hundred and forty something page book. You asked for it. You suggested it dear readers – so I am doing it. My editor is brilliant and easy to work with and I respect her opinions to the moon and back. I’m also working with an amazing illustrator for the cover, who like my editor is someone I respect and adore. I am in awe of both of them. This project is something that is so dear to my heart and so much fun. More to come. Yes, keep checking back.

On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving I took my cat Oscar to the vet for his rabies shot and a check up. Oscar, my gray and white tuxedo kitty, is eleven. He’ll be twelve this spring. We don’t know his exact birthday. Over the past year he has lost 4 pounds, which is a lot for a cat. Tests were done. I’ll get the results soon. With any luck my bony old man cat will be around for another ten years.

Later this weekend I hope to write some TV and movie reviews. My husband Teddy and I have decided that there is bad TV that is meant to be campy and not so serious. Then there is serious TV and movies that are just bad. They are poorly written, have stupid cliche characters, confusing story lines, and are just awful and unwatchable. Over the past month we’ve been sampling new shows and old shows on both network and streaming venues. Sometimes it is almost as if Teddy and I watch TV together and talk the whole time about the story, the acting, alternative story lines, and everything else. It is just a time to relax late in the night. No, we don’t have a TV in our bedroom. Never have. Never will.

I’ll be spending time with the Ancient Vampires Eleora and Tellias. I’ll be looking forward to a rare vacation. Even though I talk to the kids almost every day, or at least text, I can’t wait to see them soon.

Each day I check the iris I planted a few months ago, even though they won’t bloom until spring. I went overboard with new varieties of all different colors, multi colors, striped, and other assorted features. I have pots I’ve filled with bulbs. Next week I’ll go to the nursery on the hill and get huge amaryllis bulbs. The yard and pots on my deck are full of amaryllis bulbs. The ones in the front yard stop everyone who walks or drive by when they boom from stalks that are over three feet tall with a continuous bloom of huge red flowers. Each stalk will have five, six, seven flowers or more.

Alright my friends, I’m waxed and wained, mused, explained, rambled, and rattled enough for this morning.

Have a wonderful week. Stay safe. Check in on those who are alone, or might need extra help. Call your kids. Hug your dogs and cats. And if you get a chance, kiss a Vampire. You’ll thank me for it later.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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