A gift for you…V is for Valentine and Vampire…

V is for Vampire and Valentine so I’m giving you a FREE Romance Anthology of the best kind TODAY on February 14, 2013.

Vampire Heart

Finally a romance anthology that both MEN and WOMEN will enjoy!
Expect the unexpected….
FREE February 14, 2013 – A collection of short stories and poetry with a romantic theme: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B975O0O
I’ve read and re-read these stories and still can’t get over how good they are.

If you don’t get this for yourself get it for someone you love!

From moving and thought-provoking historic based romance stories, to modern life to science fiction, there is something for everyone. There are even a few of my Vampire stories in there.
Stories from both male and female writers. You’ll find humor, sorrow, you laugh out loud and you’ll cry.
Free download on February 14 – but if you buy it later part of the proceeds go to MS research.

Valentine special: Coupon code LVMFP7SA gives you $3 off the paperback edition of Passion’s Prisms, for those who prefer a ‘real’ book: https://www.createspace.com/4166436

Passion’s Prisms is a romance collection written by various authors:

Mandy White, J. Harrison Kemp, David W. Stone, Veronica Veil, Daniel E. Tanzo, Diana Garcia, Marla Todd, A.K. Wallace, Marie Frankson, David Hunter, Rob Betz, Michael Haberfelner, Suzanne Parlee, Anand Matthew, Juliette Kings.

Love can be many things.
For some, it’s sweet and sensual. For others, it’s tragic and painful. There are as many sides to love and romance as there are souls to experience them. Just as a prism transforms a beam of light into all the colors of the rainbow, love blooms to its full potential, taking on a different shade with every heart through which it passes.
The stories and poetry in this book are as diverse as their composers. You will find a bit of everything in here, from tenderness, sensuality and magic to the inevitable darker sides of romance – pain, tragedy and deceit.

We are WPaD (Writers, Poets and Deviants), a group of writers from all over the world who have come together to collaborate on a series of themed charity anthologies. A portion of royalties will be donated to Multiple Sclerosis research in support of a fellow writer who lives with MS.

Passion’s Prisms is our salute to romance, presented for your enjoyment.

Passion's Prisms


I’ve re-read so many of these works, by both male and female authors (15 in all) and I’m still amazed at how absolutely wonderful these stories are. Had me laughing, crying and just giving out a romantic “sigh”.


And by the way, I’m not receiving any money from this…I’m just posting it because it is a REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD ANTHOLOGY and it is for a good cause.

I hope you all live happily ever after. Hugs and kisses.
Juliette – aka Vampire Maman


Melody Of A Mind

I always feel like I’ve received something in a beautiful box with a lovely bow to unwrap when I read one of Suzanne Parlee’s poems.

Susanne’s  new anthology Melody of a Mind will be out in September 5, 2012.

Melody Of A Mind
by Suzanne Parlee
In a world so far away
Playing a game of hope and pray
A brown eyed girl sings the blues
Lost among conflicting clues

Emotions played like guitar strings
I need to see what tomorrow brings
Strumming and humming in all the wrong keys
Write the last note and let me be

Dancing to the broken beat
Learning to stand on two left feet
I forget the rhythm, I forgot the rhyme
Every step so out of time

The music like thunder in my head
Pounding, screaming words better left unsaid
Confused, misused, misunderstood
Cannot tell the difference between bad or good

I look up into eyes so tranquil and blue
Taking me somewhere calming and new
Your music soothes my weary soul
A beautiful song to make me whole

Rousing melodies make me stronger
Stirring my bravery, scared silent no longer
When my tempo is so weak
You give me the lyrics I need

to speak

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Her page features her poetry as well as some really wonderful poems by others.


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