Melody Of A Mind

I always feel like I’ve received something in a beautiful box with a lovely bow to unwrap when I read one of Suzanne Parlee’s poems.

Susanne’s  new anthology Melody of a Mind will be out in September 5, 2012.

Melody Of A Mind
by Suzanne Parlee
In a world so far away
Playing a game of hope and pray
A brown eyed girl sings the blues
Lost among conflicting clues

Emotions played like guitar strings
I need to see what tomorrow brings
Strumming and humming in all the wrong keys
Write the last note and let me be

Dancing to the broken beat
Learning to stand on two left feet
I forget the rhythm, I forgot the rhyme
Every step so out of time

The music like thunder in my head
Pounding, screaming words better left unsaid
Confused, misused, misunderstood
Cannot tell the difference between bad or good

I look up into eyes so tranquil and blue
Taking me somewhere calming and new
Your music soothes my weary soul
A beautiful song to make me whole

Rousing melodies make me stronger
Stirring my bravery, scared silent no longer
When my tempo is so weak
You give me the lyrics I need

to speak

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2 thoughts on “Melody Of A Mind

  1. This is very special and I think it means a lot to you to write and publish this poem. I like it very much!! Well done.


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