Don’t try to make your lover something they’re not…just don’t do it.

Love hits with



A love that would last


But he didn’t get it.

She didn’t want

to become

A Vampire.

OK Vampire guys and girls listen up. This is the risk you take when you meet someone and they aren’t like us.

The consequences of changing someone isn’t pretty.

A. They could die (90% do die)

B. They will hate you forever (Ask my husband about that. He didn’t choose this life.)

C. It is against the rules.

D. There are rules and if you break them there are consequences.

E. You don’t want to go there.

Over a glass of wine a friend of mine, a regular modern woman told me, a modern Vampire, about her long time on and off again fire and ice romance with a Vampire.  She broke it off. He was heart broken. He’ll get over it. Vampires brood unlike anybody else. It is pathetic how Vampires men brood, but he’ll get over it.

So girls, if you’re a regular human girl, stay away from Vampire boys. You’ll just break their hearts. And they’ll brood and we’ll have to be the ones to deal with the aftermath. Believe me, I have four Vampire brothers and a son. I know.

Regular human boys boys, stay away from Vampire girls, unless you want to deal with their fathers. Vampire dads are 100 times worse than regular human dads. Vampire girls are a lot of fun but don’t fall in love with them. Plus Vampire girls WILL break your heart for sure and they’ll break it bad.

Oh well.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Words of Wisdom for the 21st Century Vampire

More rules to live by:

Capes. Really? They get in the way and look silly – especially black with red lining. Leave that for the B movies.

Don’t ever let a regular human see your Vampire teeth.

Don’t let anyone ever think you are one of those weird Vampire wanna bees. That means don’t dress weird, act weird or do any of the B movie stuff.

Don’t do B movie stuff – ever – not even on Halloween.

Follow your heart but NEVER fall in love with a regular human.

When you do love, make it pure and true.

Real Vampires love their children.

Don’t bring your prey home with you. Always keep your hunting away from where you live.

Be nice to animals.

Be nice to old people.

Don’t text and drive.

Take time to smell the night blooming Jasmine.


Keep your nails clean.

And always make sure your clothes are pressed and stain free. Nobody likes a sloppy Vampire.


~ Juliette

Vampire Rules to Live By

Vampire Words to live by. Can’t think of a witty introduction. Just read it and FOLLOW the rules.

  • If they don’t taste human they probably aren’t.
  • Don’t prey on the weak or sick or the mentally ill.
  • If you want to be a tall cool blonde forget it unless you ARE a TALL COOL BLONDE.
  • Take time for holidays.
  • Have a purse big enough for at least a paperback novel.
  • ADULTS in dance groups should NEVER wear primary colored costumes/shirts. It looks stupid.
  • Don’t take more than two pints in a single engagement.
  • Don’t get emotionally involved with your prey. It is ok to like them, to be friends with them and to do business with them. That said, NEVER fall in love with them or hate them.
  • Hate can be as strong as love. Don’t do it.
  • Indifference is more powerful than hate. If you’re going to hate someone that means they still have control over you. If you forget them and don’t care then you have control over them.
  • Always carry one of those stain pens in your purse.
  • Always brush your teeth before you go out on a hunt.
  • Be nice to others.
  • Don’t be a dick.

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