Life is too short for bad ink (except for Vampires)

School is ending (or has ended for some) and summer vacation is almost here. This also means graduation for many high school kids we know.


Upon graduating and turning 18 many young adults celebrate by getting tattoos. Of course those same kids will be back at their parent’s door in 6-8 years asking for big bucks to get the same tattoos lasered off.


Remember kids, if you’re human, before you get inked, make sure it won’t become a “permanent reminder of a temporary feeling”.


AND don’t have your friend’s brother do it for you or some other amateur. Go to the best you can afford – in fact go to the best you can’t afford and save up and spend the money on THE BEST. Life is too short for bad ink.


KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. And project into your future. Will you love it when you’re 30, because face it, I doubt if you’ll love the guy you’re so in love with now when you’re 30.  So think long and hard about your tattoo design. It will be the love of your life.


And speaking of bad ink….

For the Vampire teens contemplating tattoos, forget it. It is expensive and painful and in 2-6 weeks it will be gone.


YES GONE. Vampire skin purges all foreign items including – you guessed it – ink. The tattoo will start to fade away within a day. The more you have it inked the faster the ink will fade. It’s just the way we’re made.


You’re better off with a temporary tattoo.


Wait a minute…give me a Sharpie and I’ll draw something on your arm for you.


~ Juliette

4 thoughts on “Life is too short for bad ink (except for Vampires)

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