Vampire Husband – Vampire Dad

Someone once told me that the best gift a vampire can give to his children is to “love their mother.” I believe that is true for regular humans as well.

When dating it is easy to get caught up in the passion and whatever, but the two hard questions to ask (ladies) are:

Does this vampire want children?


If anything happens to me would I want him raising my children? Think about it.

More often than not the answer to the last question was a resounding NO.

I’d known Teddy for years. I knew him when he was human, before he became a vampire. I even had a crush on him when I was a girl.

He’d wanted children, when he was a regular human, before he became a vampire but I thought he’d never want vampire children. Becoming a vampire was difficult for him. He walked that path alone for so many years, thinking of what he’d lost and fearing the future. I know it makes my strong husband sound weak. He isn’t weak at all. He is one of the strongest vampires I know.

But it wasn’t until years later that I knew the attraction between us wasn’t just a physical attraction. He was someone who I knew would love my children, our children, no matter what, unconditionally, no exceptions.

Now I see him quietly explaining to his son how to hunt and bite a wrist or neck just right. I see him on the couch, our daughter curled by his side, as they watch some romantic comedy together. I hear him talking to both of them, long conversations about life, love and the world around them. And when I see this I feel nothing but love in the most wonderful and pure and strong form possible.

We’re a family, not because of blood, but because of love. We WANT to be together. I know our children will be gone out into the world oh too soon. They won’t come back out of guilt or the feeling of “the family”. They’ll come back out of love. They’ll come back because they want to be back.

I love my husband, but even more I love the dad he has become.


~ Juliette

3 thoughts on “Vampire Husband – Vampire Dad

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