Summer – musings and poetry

It is going to a rough week for me – seeing a dear friend for the last time today. Death is always difficult for those of us to stay behind. I hate it above almost everything in this world.

In honor of love and life and friendship, today I’m sharing a poem from dear DiAnne Ebejer. See more of her work and follow her at:


Summer began with a promise
of new-found hope,
A gathering of strength and will.

Then, unexpected clouds
Turned sunny into darkness,
Lightness into tension,
And the hope quickly devolved.Summer then, will linger
As just another hard reminder
That fresh starts lay dormant
In the field of celebration,
Far away and out of reach for now.

But I suppose it’s best to focus
More on laughter than tears,
More on what is good about a day,
than what is not.

And so, another gathering of words
And shared stories, and maybe some
laugh til’ you cry rememberings –
Re-tellings of past shenanigans.

Maybe it was all just a little reminder
To keep trying, reaching and hoping.

© DiAnne Ebejer


Why I post poetry on this blog. Take a minute and read it. 

10 thoughts on “Summer – musings and poetry

  1. Marla, I’m so saddened with you about your friend and wish I could take the sadness away. I’m beyond touched that this little poem comforted you in some small way at this time and honored that you have shared it here. Prayers and love…

  2. Thank you dear friends, your kind thoughts mean so much to me. And thank you so much DiAnne. It was a comfort this afternoon as we gathered and I sat and held my friend’s hand. I don’t know if she knew I was there, but I’d like to think she did.

    And everyone, please check out the link to DiAnne’s other work.

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