Go Giants – The Official Team of Northern California Vampires and Friends!

Doing the happy dance ….

The San Francisco Giants won the 2012 World Series. Woooooo Hoooooo.

And why no, Vampires are not all serious all the time. We like to have FUN!


4 thoughts on “Go Giants – The Official Team of Northern California Vampires and Friends!

  1. Hi, Juliette. I’m here via the CoffinHop. I write vampires, but I’m also a baseball fan. Sadly, my Cubs would rather start vacation early rather than go to the playoffs. 😉 *weeps* In any event, I’m skipping talking about myself next Monday and posting about the Giants instead… Sorry. World Champion Giants. I beg your pardon. When I saw your post, I just jad to use that as the excuse to say hello. Oh! Central California greetings. We live just south of Fresno. Fresno Grizzlies country, of course.
    Happy Hopping!


    • Jimmy, I’d love to see the Cubs win too! Maybe next year (if the Giants don’t win again, he he he). Thanks for dropping by! And YES, we’ll be trying to catch a Grizzlies game this summer when we’re in Fresno for the Southwest Regional Artistic Roller Skating Championships. Go Grizzlies! Go River Cats!

      • Perhaps we’ll bump into each other one day at the ballpark. This past season I attended a game during the Iowa Cubs series and sat with a Cubs Scout (yeah, I know. It sounds funny to me, too). We chatted Cubs baseball all night. It was very cool. He told me all sorts of the ins and outs of the new Theo Epstein regime.
        Once again, My post next Monday is a tribute to what the Giants just did. Enjoy that new championship, my new friend. I just followed your Facebook page, by the way…


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