I hate my cats

The same people who fear Vampires allow these horrible beasts into their homes. After my cats have gone to the great litter box in the sky I am done with cats. With my luck they’ll both live to be 25.


10 thoughts on “I hate my cats

  1. I never knew there was a tag category for “cat shaming”….hmmm, might have to just throw that one in every now and again! Thank you Vampire Maman for furthering my knowledge in this area :)=

  2. HMMM Making me have second thoughts about the boy’s Christmas request: Dear Santa, I want a quad or a motorcycle; a little brother or sister; a puppy or a kitten. We were going to go for the kitten. LOL

  3. Man! Even your cat has better writing than I do!
    We have one cat. He coughs up that furball once every five weeks or so, which is more akin to little Regan MacNeil throwing up all over her Georgetown bedroom. He also has torn up our carpets a bit. He’s cute, however. Is that how they suck you in?


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