A year ago I started Vampire Maman…

A year ago, and over 400 posts ago, I started Vampire Maman – Musings of a Modern Vampire Mom.

julietteIn the beginning it started as a blog for Vampire Moms – specifically for parents with Vampire teens. There were handy school lunch tips and an article about blood stains and even a post about sending your Vampire child to summer camp. But I found that blogging about Modern Vampire parenting, or any kind of parenting is a lot more than what your kids are having for lunch. While I love my lunch…I wanted to share more. I wanted to share more about my kids, my husband and my family of Vampires and my family/friends who aren’t Vampires. So I started to add information about Regular Humans, Werewolves, Ghosts, Zombies and everyone we share our lives with. There have also been posts on books, cocktails, poets, things that piss me off, romance, music, Vampire Hunters, fashion, art, tattoos, paranormal romance, culture, bullies, Gothic romance, marriage, politics, Vampire stuff and a lot more. Explore the blog and you’ll see it all. I muse about sleep too because sleep and I are not friends.

The blog is more about whatever I’m thinking of on any given day and my husband Teddy and my teens Garrett (age 17) and Clara (age 13).

There are five basic messages to this blog:

  • Talk with your kids. Not AT them. Not TO them. But WITH them.
  • If we were all the same the world would be a boring place.
  • Love your children but let them fly and be their own Vampires (or whatever you are.)
  • Share our experiences with each other.

As my long time readers know, there is a lot more going on here than that. A whole lot more.

But this is what I’ve learned in the past year…

Community: I never knew there was a blogging community out there. I’ve discovered so many wonderful blogs but more I’ve discovered the people behind those blogs. Wow. I’ve discovered bee keepers and cooks. I’ve found other Vampire bloggers with wonderful points of view. I’ve discovered poets who can use words in such beautiful ways. I’ve found people who are so funny that I fall off of my chair (I’m talking spit milk out your nose pee your pants funny – and you know who you are). I’ve found words of wisdom and stories of life. I’ve also read stories that have made me want to cry. And posts that have made me think – really think.

Pie: If you want blog traffic, if that is your thing, post a picture of pie. Yes, pie. Everyone loves pie. One night I posted a photo of a pie a friend had baked. No words, just the title Pie and a photo. Blog traffic spiked sky high. So remember, if you want a lot of traffic, post pie.

Cats: You gotta love em. And what gets more traffic than pie? Cats – hands down. Dogs come in a close third.

Poetry: I never knew starting out that there would be any poetry on this blog except from my Vampire son Garrett who writes love poems that I find in the laundry. I’ve been honored to have featured many wonderful poets on this blog. I’ve also had fun writing my own verse (such as it is). Click here to sum up why poetry is so important to this blog.

My brothers: I didn’t know I’d be writing so much about my older family members, especially my brothers Max, Andrew, Aaron and Val.

Tall tales: This year has been a lot of fun and that includes stories. Scroll through my past blog posts to catch up. A favorite is The Travelers

Authors and Reading: If you scroll through the site you’ll find reading lists and posts on so many talented authors. You’ll also find my favorites and my jaded opinions on stuff I don’t like. If you ever want me to read anything or consider featuring your work let me know. If I think it might be a good fit we can work something out.

Elders: Vampires as well as humans have those who are ancient and/or in need. I’ve written quite a few posts on the Elders (they’ve got their own following now). Never forgot those who are alone or could use a little bit of extra care.

The Ghost: I hate ghosts but unfortunately I have one in my life. Everyone seems charmed by him except me. I suppose we’ve (the ghost and I) have come to an understanding of sorts, or maybe not.

So to make a short post even longer…Again, thank you to all of my readers for letting me entertain you and share with you. I’m honored to have you here.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

red heart


  1. We should be honored to have YOU here, J. You contribute so much to this little(big) community. I can’t say that there has been one of your posts that I haven’t enjoyed. Be proud of your work…, and keep on keepin’ on.

  2. Congratulations!!! I love reading your blog!! Sometimes I do comment, but sometimes I’m in a hurry. Please forgive me for not always leaving my comments, ok? This doesn’t mean I don’t like your posts, it just means I’m running out of time.
    I did re-post this blog post on Twitter and Google… and whatever else I could find. LOL
    Keep on rolling, Juliette. It’s a great blog!!

    1. Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how many times you’ve made me think about my posts – or made me laugh out loud reading your blog! Let us all say cheers and toast for a good year for all of us!

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