How do you explain? What we talked about with our kids this morning.

This morning the radio was on and my kids and I talked about news and life and what is going on in their lives.

How do you explain to your teens about things like the Boston Marathon bombings yesterday? They’re smart kids. They discuss events in school with their teachers and friends. They listen. They have their own opinions. I can give the line about them being our future.

Clara’s history teacher had told the kids about it right before school got out. Garrett had heard about it earlier in the day. They were shocked. Clara asked about cameras. Didn’t they have security cameras? I don’t know. We all agreed it was senseless. We discussed other events – too many this year and last. Too many ever. Too much sadness.

We talked about how it happened in April. Bad things happen in April. Oklahoma City Bombing (explained that to the kids), Virginia Tech shootings, Unibomber, Columbine, Hitler’s birthday and the list goes on. Click here to a story on NPR about it.

I told them about the Bath School bombing in 1927. It was in May but it was bad. To make the story short a man bombed a school because he was angry about election results. Thirty eight children were killed. For nothing. Absolutely nothing.

We talked about the IRA again. The kids for some reason still seem surprised that there were Irish bombers. The kids wanted to know why any American’s would want to blow up their own people. Why would anyone want to blow up anyone? I can try to explain beliefs and sending messages but nobody can explain the face of evil or insanity.

They asked about what was going on when their dad and I were kids. Their dad, who was making coffee, gave them a side ways look. “Think about it,” he said with his usual lack of patience for our two young Vampires.

“What?” Clara asked that looking totally clueless – such a 13 year old sometimes. Then the light bulb went off. “The Civil War.” That is another conversation.

We changed directions.

We talked about funny things people post online. They all know who Chuck Norris is or at least that he is the ultimate bad ass justice seeker. This is the one we talked about.

Chuck Rocks









Clara mentioned that her history teacher asked the kids in her class about Kim Jong Un the “leader” of North Korea. They’d heard of him but half hadn’t seen a photo of him. When the teacher showed a photo the kids all started to laugh. They didn’t expect someone who looked like an overgrown baby. Then we talked about the memes. There are ALWAYS memes.









Garrett mentioned the 19 year old pop star Justin Bieber comment about Ann Frank “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

My kids were disgusted by his self-centered comment and also mentioned that Ann Frank would have more than likely been a Post Metal or Indie band fan.  We talked about how smart she was and that had she lived she would have been brilliant and successful at whatever she did.

It wasn’t a good day for news. It hasn’t been for a while, but on a good note, there are two new babies at the Sacramento zoo.


Sacramento Zoo






New Babies Sacramento Zoo









We talk with our kids about the news. It just gets more difficult because we (Teddy and I) don’t have answers. Our kids are too smart for us to paint a world of puppy dogs, unicorns and sparkly Vampires. World Peace isn’t something I expect them to ever see.

But, remember at the bottom of Pandora’s box, there is always hope. For every bad person there are 100,000 good people. For ever evil deed there are thousands of good deeds. Yesterday the people of Boston proved that. And all of us need to keep proving that ever single day.











~ Wishing you all peace and hope,

Juliette aka Vampire Maman

5 thoughts on “How do you explain? What we talked about with our kids this morning.

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  2. With 9/11, Boston, Sandy Hook, and N. Korea, who needs horror stories anymore? Just open your eyes in the morning and turn on the news. It’s nothing but death, murder, and mayhem 24/7/365. I fear for the younger generations. It’s not the world I remember as a boy, when you left the front door unlocked, keys on the seat of the car, and kids could go to play in the park…, by themselves, with no fear of anything more than a banged up knee from a scrape or a fall.
    Loved the tiger pic. They are my all-time favorite big cat !
    Happy Tuesday, J.

    • It is sad. The kids are flustered and don’t want it. They don’t accept the insanity but don’t know what to do about it. But they won’t let fear stop them. Never let fear stop anything good.

      We can’t wait to see the new tiger. His name is CJ and he will be introduced to the public in June. The little monkey is already out but we don’t know if it a boy or a girl – the parents won’t let any humans get close to it.

      • “They don’t accept the insanity but don’t know what to do about it.” ….This is what makes me so sad for the younger generations. They are scrambling for explanations, solutions, and a way out of the quagmire…, sadly, our powerful, all knowing political powers around the globe seem to think (or not) they know how to solve it all (or not). This whole thing reaches the negative, nasty, angry side of me, J. I’m just as frustrated as they are, and you also, I’m sure. The answers won’t come in our lifetimes though.


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