Musings on sleep, cats, coffee and vampires

I’ve posted a lot about sleep because there are times when the lack of sleep haunts me worse than any ghost ever could. No, I haven’t seen him today, the ghost that is. I don’t know or care where he is.

So that leaves me without Mr. Sandman and only the thought of cats and coffee.

Cats can always sleep. Damn them.

Coffee helps after hours of no sleep. Bless coffee.

So, now that I have a certain Metallica song running through my head…

Exit light 
Enter night 
Take my hand 
We’re off to never never-land

Great song. I’ll have to crank it up to keep me awake when my day starts. Day. What am I dong?

Of course the restless sleep of a Vampire has always been well known among our circles. During the day there is a lot of noise. Trying to sleep at night (for those of us living in both worlds) is no better. Crickets, frogs, silence and the knowledge that we must wake the children (who go to school with regular folks) and get them to school. The Modern Vampire  Movement was good in theory…but the sleep thing.  Maybe it is just me because I see those cats sleeping at night as well.

So do I read? Too tired for that. Do I go out? Not hungry but sleepy. Sit in the yard and look for bats? No. Not tonight. Ahhh but not too tired to write. Such is the life of a Vampire who blogs.

Now every sleep song ever written is filling my head. Ugh.

Wishing you all music, sweet dreams and gentle restful slumbers, purring cats and really really really good coffee.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


5 thoughts on “Musings on sleep, cats, coffee and vampires

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  2. I’ve taken my full dose of pain meds and still not asleep. Drugs don’t always help me sleep. Coffee rarely keeps me awake. I’ve got a rough draft of a novel about a young man who is cursed to go without sleep.

    Sweet dreams when they come.

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