A Vampire Free Verse for the Next Generation

He waves his flag until the dawn,

A night of gathering

Of nocturnal souls

Spirits of old

Hunters of the night.

We danced and loved

Watched the storm

The reflection of the moon

High hopes

And desires fulfilled.

Wave your flag

Proudly with love

And pass it on

To the next generation

Of the night.

Why there is poetry on this blog? A need and a desire that we all share for expression, beauty and wine for our souls. A need you dare not admit. For links to more (and much better poetry) CLICK HERE.


6 thoughts on “A Vampire Free Verse for the Next Generation

  1. Oh, I have got to learn to read carefully. At first I thought, “Why is she writing something NOT about a vampire, hmmm?” Vampire Free. Get it? Then I re-read it and figured it out. Yep. Mind like a steel sieve.

    • nocturnal souls, spirits of old…the next generation of the night. Check out Uncle Val’s Dating advice on the next post. I think you’ll find it entertaining.

  2. like, do vampires and werewolves and fae and shapeshifters and stuff like that really exist? cuz if they do, that would be so friggin cool…and iv wanted 2 be a vampire since i was like, 8…

      • Metaphorically speaking all of the creatures mentioned above exist. Just use your imagination and be whatever you want to be as long as it is in the limits of good taste and the law and you don’t make a fool of yourself. That’s a typical mom answer and I’m a typical mom.


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