The Road to Hell (a visit from my ghost)

The storm outside has calmed down for a while so I went outside to see if any trees had come down or other damage.

The ghost was out back pacing in the field. I kept my eye on him, not wanting him to see me but at the same time wanting to flip him off. I could feel my upper lip involuntarily twitching as I tried not to show my fangs.

He suddenly turned and glared at me, then looked away.

Something was bothering him. A ghost bothered? I guess. I can’t figure out the strange black suited bastard who materializes in and out of my life with insults and jabs.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked the apparition.

He slowly turned my way and with icy eyes and a cold steady voice said “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions and lined with family members cheering you on.”

“I see.” I said, not really seeing.

“Appreciate what you have Vampire. Human families are out of control and totally screwed. They go through life blindly hurting. They raise their children so haphazardly they have no right to call themselves parents. The children grow up to be dysfunctional people who never realize how screwed up they are or how they screw up the lives of others. It is a total disaster. What I would have given to have been an only child and an orphan.” He looked at me out of sad eyes, ran his hand through his shaggy black hair and vanished into the drizzle.

I had no answer for the ghost. I usually don’t.

Field with deer

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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