What we’re talking about (with my teens) on the way to school this morning.


What we’re talking about (with my teens) on the way to school in the morning.

We really liked Jack White’s performance at the Grammys.  My daughter described his look as Glam Goth. That was her description. I love his look. Love his music. I love anyone with a sense of style like he has.

And yes, I’m a mom and I’m not young and I can like anything I want. I’m not sitting around singing Stephen Foster songs because there is so much good music out there. I feel there was a void in the 1970’s and 1990’s (recent voids but there have been earlier voids) but there is so much great music out there now and I’m glad my kids are taking advantage of ALL of the music channels to take advantage of it.

The kids are now interested in vinyl records. How about that? We’ll have to drag out the turntable. I still have my wind up record player from 1923 but that won’t play anything 33 rpm and I’m sure the old needles will rip through the records.

We also have been talking about Butt Heads. We discussed how at a sports event this weekend a couple of girls ran into each other and the smaller girl ended up with a broken wrist. The larger, more powerful older girl, who never watches out or moves for anyone didn’t feel bad about it – not one bit. She said it wasn’t her fault and washed her hands of it.

OK it WAS an accident – but the attitude about it is just wrong. Considering the older girl has a history of being a narcissistic bully who comes from a family of bullies it didn’t surprise me. Plus she is dumber than a box of rocks. Sigh.

We talked about the Pope a wee bit. We’re not Catholics so I didn’t have much to add. The kids were just curious about it.

We talked about the manhunt in Southern California and people we know who are police or have known police who have been shot.

We talked about the fact that we’re part of the Vampire community or at least OUR community so we can pretty much like what we want and try not to judge others unless they are stupid, mean and judgmental. We’re not perfect. Of course we like to talk about other people. That is what teens do. That is what EVERYONE does.

I try to get my kids to try to figure out why some people who act badly do so. Why do some kids have poor personal grooming habits? Why do some kids act socially backwards? Why are some kids so judgmental? Why do some kids strive and yearn to be popular but never quite get there? I don’t have the answers but at least we can look for those answers and try to better understand what is going on around us.

We discussed how there are some kids in 8th grade, Middle School, who are going to be totally unprepared for High School. I told my 8th grade daughter that they would migrate to kids who were like them. They’d find their own unprepared peers. School smarts are not always what is going to get one through life. You need both book and street smarts to survive – especially now. So stay in school and try to get some street smarts. Don’t keep your kids socially over protected and awkward. That is just my opinion.

And of course we accept those who are weird and different if they’re nice people with good hearts. It is ok to be different. It really is. We like different.

I asked Garrett is he was going to show his history teacher the picture of Chairman Meow. He just laughed and rolled his eyes. It was something funny and I don’t even know where I found it. I thought it was brilliant.

So that’s what we talked about on the way to school this morning.

Don’t talk AT your kids or even TO them. Talk WITH THEM.

That’s it for today. Happy parenting and everything else.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



  1. Don’t have much to say about the Pope but I did buy a new turntable a couple years ago so I could play the huge pile of records I had refused to give up and hauled around with me over the years and I’m glad I did. So much fun to drag these out especially with a couple of good friends and good bottles of vino! 🙂

  2. I know what you mean about vinyl. Amazing how it all becomes retro. And love Chairman Meow! P.s. the pope seems to have been complicit in the cover up over the Church’s abuse…and it is totally unusual for a pope to retire! Great that your teens are interested in such a wide variety of subjects.

    1. We’ve had the discussion about the abuse. Had those men been school teachers or ministers of other churches they’d be in prison. No child should ever be exposed to that situation (church, school, home, anywhere) and no child should ever be afraid to speak up.

      Glad you liked Chairman Meow. I’ve known several cats over the years named Mao C. Tongue or Mousey Tongue.

  3. We talked about if the US was to allow a territory become a state, how would that change our flag, our representatives, the way our government works. I’m going to have to brush up on my civics, now.

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