Parenting is like a story problem…

Sometimes parenting, and life in general, is like one of those story problems in math.

Joe is going to the lake. The lake is 134 miles away. Joe drives 60 mph, except on three 35 mph turns that are 120 feet each. Joe takes two 15-minute stops. How many waffles did Joe eat for breakfast?










11 thoughts on “Parenting is like a story problem…

  1. I would say: 2 waffles. Of course I’m wrong if he ate several of them per stop… but I hope he counts the calories. LOL

  2. I tried to solve this problem myself, but I drove 100 mph (slowing down to 70 for the 35 mph turns) and only stopped once to bite the neck of the chef at Waffle House, so may math is way off as usual… 😈


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