No magic in telling the future (but maybe a little fun and games)

My brother Andrew, just back from a longish stay in Patagonia, was talking with my teens about school and general catching up. I listened in like a good mom, smiling at their excitement (all three of them).

The conversation twisted and turned all over the place from school, to a Pirate Ball in the Bay Area, back to school, to digging for dinosaurs in Patagonia, to school and then out of the blue the kids told Andrew I was busy designing a Ouija board for them.

I am working on designs for a Ouija board because I don’t know what happened to the old one, but that is for another posting.

Andrew said “I sat next to a palm reader on the plane home from Patagonia.”

“Did the palm reader know she was sitting next to a Vampire?” I had to ask.

Andrew gave me a big grin. “She said I looked like a cross between Bradley Cooper and Fabio.”

In your dreams Vampire boy brother of mine.
In your dreams Vampire boy brother of mine.

At that point the kids laughed and then asked “Who is Fabio?” When they found out they laughed even harder.

Andrew is exceptionally cute and he has long brown curls that reach the middle of his back but he could only be a distant cousin of Bradley Cooper and only our elder brother Max is as buffed as Fabio back in the romance novel cover days.

Andrew, the good sport he is, laughed along. “She asked if I was a rock star and I told her she was half right. Then she asked me if should could read my palm.”

“Was she cute?” Garrett my 17 year old asked because he is a guy.

Andrew leaned in, as he does when he gets excited about anything. “She was beautiful. Auburn hair, green eyes, lips that were made for kissing, and a perfect neck. I couldn’t help but give her my hand.”

“So what did she say about your hand. Did she read anything worth while?” I asked.

Maybe a little in the eyes and smile but you're just as cute - really.
Maybe a little in the eyes and smile but you’re just as cute – really.

“Aside from my hands being cold? Sure. She said a lot of sweet things about how I’m such a romantic and musically brilliant, but she could have picked that up from conversation or the fact that I had a seat for my guitar. It was the usual parlour tricks but suddenly she grew cold, I mean emotionally cold, for her temperature rose. I gently took her hand and told her to stop the games. I told her that she was a fraud. She didn’t even realize she was with someone with true paranormal and unhuman abilities until I gave her a smile with a hint of fang. I think my advice sunk in even thought she wouldn’t admit it to me.”

He paused. We told him to go on.

“She said I was scary and a prick and moved to a different seat.”

“Good job Andy,” I said. “Good job.”

Like I tell my kids, Ouija boards, palm reading and cards are fun, but you make your own future by the way you live your life, the choices you make and how you react to things that happen. Nobody can tell the future by the lines on your hands – especially if you’re a Vampire.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



    1. Yes indeed but a lot of good natured fun. Girls especially get all silly playing with them. I love board games (especially Risk because I do things that look stupid and win.)

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