The Dusk and Dawn of High School


Last night the sunset glowed red like fire. I tried to get a picture of it but the auto correct make it out to be a dull afternoon sky.

My son Garrett and his friends Randy and Josh were sitting outside waiting for the sun to go completely down. Since school started these Vampire boys have been mixing around their schedules to maximize their night time. It rarely works out. Life can be difficult for the Vampire teen attending public school.

The have been trying to go to bed as soon as they get home from school, then wake around midnight for an entire night of activity. Unfortunately there are after school activities and other kids wanting to do things with these popular boys. And when other kids are awake…well, my boys get fed. Yes, I said it out loud.

Yesterday they were talking about the colleges and which ones were sending reps to the high school to talk to the kids. They’ve pretty much done the research and filled out their applications – ready for the November drop dates. But they’re keeping their options open.

They want to go to schools with other Vampires. When my brother’s kids were ready to start applying to college they did he same thing. Nobody wants to be the only Vampire at a school. It gets lonely and weird being the only one. Of course unless you’re a lonely and weird type of Vampire but if you were one of them you probably wouldn’t be going to college.

Garrett is enjoying his senior year, but he is looking more towards the future. But then I’ll hear them laugh and laugh and laugh and it reminds me that they’re still just kids.

I asked my husband Teddy (and father to our children) where our 14 year old daughter Clara was. He said she was up talking to one of her “new friends.”

“You know what new friend means? Code word for boy.”

Ah ha. It has started already. Last night when we walked the dog Clara and I talked, or she talked about girls and boys and sluts. Yes, high school brings on new and interesting experiences. A lot about SLUTS. Girls who will do anal and oral sex on any guy who will give them attention but brag that they’re virgins. They’re the same girls who don’t understand why guys won’t stick around. They don’t understand why other girls get to be the girlfriends. Huh. A lot of material there. They were girls who had super protective parents, parents who didn’t care, didn’t listen and didn’t want to hear about anything. They were the girls who were bullied or ignored or never got enough attention. They were the ones who learned that even the wrong kind of attention is better than no attention. The thing that puzzles me is that so many online articles have been written about this sort of thing. It has been going on for years and you’d think with all the attention on the subject that things might have changed a little. You would have thought word would get out for parents…oh right, but some people who have children aren’t really parents – they just use the title and have kids living in their homes. Garrett talked about it (and stupid things boys do) and now Clara. Pretty sad. Very very sad.

So Clara didn’t give a crap what these girls said when she let them know she’d never even kissed a boy.

Of course they had no idea that Clara is from a different kind of family – not different because we talk to each other and actually parent our kids, but because, well, you know, we’re Vampires.

But for the most part she is finding high school fun. The teachers want the kids to succeed. The other kids are nice. They’re all so good looking too (according to my child.)

Clara told me about a kid, a friend of a Facebook friend, sent her a message saying “Hey Sexy, how about we exchange some naked pictures.”

Clara responded with “You’re in my science class.”

The boy responded with “I am so sorry. I didn’t know. Please don’t tell anyone about this.”

The boy was in her science class and the next day he turned 50 shades of red when she sat down next to him and gave him the evil eye. His two best friends were also sitting next to them – and yes she could have ruined his life. And he was a popular kid and on the football team.

We figured he’d never do anything like THAT again. She is happy in the knowledge that she can ruin his life.

Even without the Facebook blunder, Clara will always have the ability to ruin a man’s life.  She is just that type of girl.

All is new for my youngest and all is wrapping up for my oldest. But at least all of good – we’re close and they feel comfortable enough to talk with me about anything and everything.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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