The Circle – Musings on Life, Death and Art

It is funny how things circle around from one event to another and somehow everything in the universe seems to connect. Or at least enough things connect to make you think.

Musings on Art, Ghosts and Vampires

This afternoon (Sunday) my husband, teens and I went to an art show at house in the Land Park area of Sacramento. Three of the artists featured were Laureen Lendau, Eric Dahlin and Corey Okada.

I was transfixed by the paintings of Corey Okada. He is a painter of singular beauty. I wish I had more images, just one here, of one of the skulls he paints, but it is his figures and faces that haunt one with striking colors of night and beauty. All of his works show a sense of emotion but it is the kind of emotion that one holds close. All of his works have a story.

Eric Dahlin is a man of true joy and FUN. Oh my goodness I love his work. He is a ceramic artists who it the master of rabbits, crows, Santa, crows, more crows and assorted other creatures. I love his stuff. One day I will have a flock of his crows including one with a cigar and a Santa hat.

Laureen Lendau paints calm and beautiful scenes both literal and abstract. Her work makes me feel calm, even with vibrant reds and blues mixed with dark muted tones. I can’t even describe it. I just like it.

So we’re looking at the art in a wonderful old house, old dog under foot, artists as well as art patrons looking around, when a I see a striking woman I’ve seen before. She is an artist, but I know I’ve met her before a long time ago and I don’t know where. The dusty file drawers in my brain won’t give anything up.

She tells us that the house has a lot of activity – meaning it has a ghost. Yes, a ghost. We talk for a while. The house is near where there was an Army post in the 1860’s and there were a lot of hangings. Things happen in the house like plates flying out of cabinets and noises and other activity. The ghost lives mostly upstairs. The home once belonged to a well known artist, so I’m sure those vibes help keep the bad ones at bay. So we talked a bit about the house which has been featured in paranormal/ghosts programs on cable.

We speak of ghosts and paranormal goings on but I don’t mention that I’m a Vampire and that I write a blog or that I’ve been in the area for 153 years. I usually don’t tell people about that part of my life for obvious reasons.

I found a few paintings I’m going to get prices on. I liked a lot of the ceramic work done by several artists. I’ll go back for it later. But when Teddy (my husband) and I were alone I asked him “Do you feel anything?” Meaning anything paranormal.

His answer was no, but he had more to tell me, but later. I tried but I didn’t feel any presence, except that of the art, which is always strong for me.

By the way, the teens enjoyed it. I have been a success as a parent.

We talked about Sacramento history and how it related to our day and our pasts. We grew up in a pretty rough place, but we didn’t know the difference. It was all we knew.

Our parents both Teddy’s human and my Vampire parents saw a lot of death but then ever attended hangings or trials.

“Remember,” I said to my husband, “when you and your brothers and my brother Max all lied to our parents and went to a hanging.”

Teddy looked surprised I’d asked about it. “It wasn’t as exciting as we thought it would be. Max was unusually quiet and depressed for days.”

“Max told me that when the men died, there were four of them, he could see their souls depart. One had already lost his soul. Two of the others screamed words that only Max and those on the other side could hear. He said it frightened him almost to death. My parents figured out what happened but didn’t punish him. He’d seen death before, we all had, but never like that. Never the screams of the damned.”

“Max never told me about it. Remember I wasn’t a Vampire yet. He didn’t talk to me about things like that when we were kids,” said Teddy quietly, more quietly and thoughtful than usual.

“It was a nice day, I mean going downtown,” I said.

“It’s good to be home.” He kissed me and went to check on the kids.

I went to the back deck where Nigel the Ghost was waiting.

“You were near my grave today.” The Ghost always seems to know where I am.

“Are you in the Old City Cemetary?” I figured that was the place since we drove right past it.

“I’m in East Lawn.” The ghost looked me in the eye as if he was trying to make sure I remembered what he told me.

“Really!” I said. “East Lawn was founded by William Land, he owned the land that the house the art show was in today.”

The ghost closed his eyes and then slowly opened them and spoke. “Every year a friend of mine pours a bottle of good Bourbon on my grave. I stand behind her and watch as she talks to me. Breaks my heart.”

“Who is she?” I asked.

“I don’t remember.” He gave me a sad smile.

“You were an artist. What was your last name?” I asked, not knowing if he’d tell me.

“I don’t remember that either. At least not right now.” He looked up at the stars then looked back at me. “May I ask you a question?”

“Sure.” I answered.

“What happens when Vampires die? Where do you go?”

“I don’t know.” Because I don’t.

“You know art. We both know art.”

“We do indeed.” I answered.

“Than that’s all we need to know.” And then he gave me a smile and vanished into the night.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


5 thoughts on “The Circle – Musings on Life, Death and Art

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  2. You know, I like reading these musings… sometimes it feels like there are things that need to be uncovered – but sometimes these conversations are just sad… and a little helpless – and still they make wonderful sense…
    Am I still confused?

    • All will eventually circle around and become clear, maybe. There is a lot of sadness but with that comes love and hope, if we’re lucky. Thank you for coming by Raani.

  3. I agree with Raani, I enjoy these musings. They remind me to look out and see things other than just my normal day in day out views.

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