Little Things

All things are random.

There are things nobody expects. Little things. A broken heel. A flat tire. A warm kiss from a puppy.  A note from a former lover you knew a million years ago.  A rock cracking your windshield.  Those things make up our days and our lives so randomly.

There are those times as well that seem like transitions but one has no idea what or where they are transitioning.

And there are times when we have thoughts and feelings we can’t shake as they drift in and out of our minds like ghosts.

I can’t even fathom the thought of having no family, but about half of all Vampires, or maybe even two thirds have no families. There is nobody left. A lot of regular people are like that too. It doesn’t mean they’re alone. They make their own families. Their own tribes and groups and clans.

I see the kids in high school forming their own little tribes of friends. Nowhere are people so close as teens and their friends. It is the center of the universe. Teens are their own kind of creatures, set apart from the rest of the world and the rest of time and space, yet they are our glimpse of the future. They are the future. No need for a time machine – it is already here.

This weekend two young women ran up to my brother Val and me. A group of friends were in a sidewalk bar giggling.

One said, “We have a bet going. How old are you?”

“Twenty six,” answered my brother.

They giggled and left. I smiled. There was no bet. He is good looking with a beautiful smile and they were checking him out. Then again he lied too. Val turned 155 on July 4th.

News comes in. My daughter texts me that the strap to her backpack broke after 2nd period. I discover a death of someone I know that happened a month ago. A friend has published a book. My niece sends me a cute photo and thinks she is in love.  Her brother has broken up with someone.

I had a lunch date today, on a beautiful warm day in the 70’s with a hint of fall in the air.  We talked and chatted about art and events and life. He had no idea he was the first course. He had no idea I’m a Vampire. Needless to say he will have a lovely afternoon feeling tired (and not knowing why) but with a warm and fuzzy glow. I will keep this one safe from nightmares and stress.

Tonight I will fix a backpack strap and think of all the little things, good or bad, that make up the random swirling vortex of weirdness that is our life.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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