Morning Ghosts of Passion and Annoyance…


The last day to deal with school in the morning. We get up, or should I say I get up first and deal with the cats and the dog. I deal with my body rejecting any thought of sunrise. Then I wake the zombies, excuse me teens – creatures who are nocturnal by birth but now must walk in the sunlight against their will. Essays are due. Quizzes are waiting. Friends are making plans for the weekend.

I think of my Friday appointments. You all know that Friday is my big day for lunch dates and blood donations. Such is the life of a Modern Vampire. Then there are a million things to do before the kids get home and we settle in and discuss our week, our plans, what we learned, who we saw.

I go back into the bedroom to check on the sleeping man I never see. We rush around and forget the times, not forget, but are too busy for passion to flair…This weekend I swear I will make up the lost kisses, the touch, the passion…

Dogs barking. My phone. Yes, my ringtone is a barking dog.

So I hurry downstairs to see my phone floating midair. Then behind it materialized the Ghost. Damn him.

“Give me the phone Nigel. I am in no mood for you this morning,” I growled at him.

“Your fangs can’t hurt me.”

“Put it down or I’ll get an exorcist out here.”

“You? A Vampire calling a man of God to get me out of YOUR house? A house full of undead ghouls?”

I was going to tell him about Father Mike who is a Vampire and was once a priest, but his comment was like a stab in the heart. I was so angry and hurt.

“You’re nothing by a shadow of what you could have been.”

Playing the “what if” game on a ghost is the quickest way to get it out of your house. Those two words cut him to the core.

Now that I think about it, those two words can cut just about anyone to the core.

Then again… I’m running late and have kids to yell at because they show no signs of getting out of bed.

The Ghost mouthed the words “Vampire bitch,” and vanished, leaving my phone behind.

A chill washed the air. I looked out the window to see a faint glow of light. The sky was dark blue and the red glow of fall leaves could be seen.

“You don’t have to be nasty all the time. We don’t have to live like characters out of a B horror movie,” I said aloud thinking that The Ghost might hear me.

So there are no lessons except to not forget the passions you once had with the other parent in your family and a squirt bottle full of ice cold water might be an answer to getting teens out of bed (but I’d never do it.)

And if you can’t banish your ghosts at least come to terms with them and learn to live with them in peace and harmony (right, like that is ever going to happen.)

~ Have a good weekend everyone,

Juliette aka Vampire Maman

4 thoughts on “Morning Ghosts of Passion and Annoyance…

  1. I missed this weekend since my internet was off… *sigh* But I still loved this post… you and the ghost, hm? Does it seem to me or is it getting worse again?

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