A Year With The Ghost

When I’m alone, especially when I’m trying to get something done, inevitably I get visited by The Ghost. That is Nigel. As a Vampire I have a natural tendency to hate ghosts. They’re sneaky, dishonest, and truly dead. Plus anything without a body creeps me out.

That said, Nigel and I have come to an understanding. When he isn’t around I miss him. When he is here I want him gone. His girlfriend Mary (another ghost) is adorable and seems to bring out the best in the lost artist soul of Nigel.

The posts on The Ghost are also among the most popular posts on Vampire Maman. For those of you who want to walk down a foggy memory lane, and for those of you who are new, I’ve made a list of the Ghosts Posts of 2013. You’ll have to take the journey on your own (and use the search function for earlier Ghosts Posts.)

Ghost Posts from 2013

Click on the links below:

Passings in the Night (a very special post about love and loss)

Dancing in the dark – ghosts of the past

Ghostly Muse – I think Not

Don’t Haunt Yourself (because real ghosts are bad enough)

Ghost Story Follow-up

Ghost of a Chance for Romance

Coffee with a Ghost – Musings on Life

If You Need Something Done Ask A Busy Person

Morning Ghosts of Passion and Annoyance

My Haunted Ghost

Driving in the Dark

Heart and Soul: Vampires  & Ghosts

Lost Keys and Lies

Are you going to be a real ghost or just a guy with a sheet over his head?

Vampire Desires (on writing fast & ghost writing… sort of)

If you read this tell the Vampire

Thank you for dropping by. You can follow all of my adventures with The Ghost, parenting teens, Vampires, elderly folks and other stories, poetry and what not, by email, on Facebook or through WordPress.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

5 thoughts on “A Year With The Ghost

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