Coffee with a ghost – musings on life

At the end of the day

When the sun goes down

And the night comes alive

I clear my mind

Of all things that don’t concern me

Of negativity and the insanity

That I will not allow to infect

My life.

I looked up from my laptop to see a ghostly figure sitting across from me. The large eyes in a pixie face and wild red brown curls stared at me.

“Hello Mary.” I whispered to the ghostly girl.

She smiled and help out a pale transparent hand.

I reached out and touched her as much as one can touch a ghost. My hand went through hers. There was a chill, even for a Vampire like me.

“Make some coffee. I like the smell.” She sometimes would ask for coffee or something aromatic. She couldn’t eat, but as a ghost she could smell the physical world.

So we had coffee. A ghost and a Vampire. It wasn’t so odd, at least not for us.

This is the time of year when we should all come together and clear out our differences, and find what we have to celebrate – like coffee.

But then again, shouldn’t we be doing that all the time?

butterflyJuliette aka Vampire Maman

5 thoughts on “Coffee with a ghost – musings on life

  1. Our cat Stretch could see ghosts. He would sit on the table and look over the counter and under the counter, from one side to the watching the ghosts walk around the kitchen and dance room. One time he was watching a ghost and sat on the edge of the table staring at someone at the stove. We couldn’t see anything, but after a few minutes we could smell fresh coffee. We assumed the ghost was making coffee in its etherial dimension, but the aroma was slipping into ours.

    • Good story. Thanks for the comment.

      I’ve thought more than once that cats see ghosts.

      My husband has had several experiences with smelling cigar smoke or baking bread attributed to ghosts.

      Then again, spend time around any spot where there was an American Civil War filed hospital and you’ll feel them.

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