You can tell your story…

My brother Max told me about a guy named S. Harry Zade who had to tell stories. He was good, Harry was. A master at the art of telling his story. If you aren’t following his blog you should be.

So I checked it out and found that Max had a guest post telling HIS story. Maybe I am a good influence. Huh. Interesting. Click here or go to the link below for all the dirt, I mean Max’s story.

Thank you to The Narrative Imperative and the good folks at the Epiphany Cafe for sharing Max’s story.

We all have stories but some of us are story tellers.

I always see blog posts and articles and Facebook and other “things” and people asking “Why do you write?”

I don’t know. I really can’t answer that. Why do we do anything that we do? Because we just do.

We tell stories. We live them. We experience them, in our minds or in the physical world or both. And some, with the ability, share those stories.

Sometimes we just make stuff up. Sometimes we tell the truth. And sometimes we make something up and it is the truth and truer than real life. You never know.

Hey, don’t look at me funny, you were the one who decided to visit the Vampire Parenting Blog today. 

Stories are like sex and food and wine and driving fast and being calm and like the ocean waves crashing on the shore and like a monkey chewing on a cigar and talking in an English accent. They can be anything and everything – and sooner or later someone will tell your story. Of course unless you tell it first. Or let someone else tell it for you. Either way… it’s ok.

For more on Max go to:

There is more than this… just do a search.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


    1. I’m not sure where Max is heading on that one. I’ll have to find out more. He doesn’t tell me everything – maybe Teddy will know. Or I could just have YOU interview him (or meet him for drinks or whatever.)

      Sigh. Mommy Blogger indeed! This one time I will laugh about it.

  1. Oh my goodness, two bloggers in your family? They should create a reality show about you. 🙂

    I read Max’s post. Is he going to stick with it? Maybe he’ll finally find that “right” someone, eh?

    1. He has already started and stopped and maybe he’ll start up again. I don’t know. The blog is

      I know, it is totally nuts.

      About that reality show… Vampires have a few camera issues.

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