All Starry Eyed Over Vampires

starryUncle Max, hunts rogue Vampires and Vampire Hunters for a living. He goes after just about anyone and anything that could do harm to Vampires or Regular Humans. Max lives in the shadows like an avenging angel.

Max is also my eldest brother and my husband’s best friend. I remember him as the annoying older brother. He remembers me as his smart ass little sister. Max and my husband have had a  164 year old bromance – best buddies forever, since they were born, like a couple of guys in a silly comedy (think of The Wedding Crashers or worse The Hangover with Vampires).

Go figure.

So Max stops by this afternoon, as usual dressed in black and totally buffed. He asks if he could do something with the kids. My children. My teens.

I love Max…But like all Vampire guys, regular human women are attracted to him. And with Max, being Mr. Alpha Manly Vampire, they are out of control. Add my “most handsome creature who ever lived” husband to the mix and we almost have riots of out of control females.

Vampire dude with Vampire Maman Ink

So, as the mother of a teenage son, you can see my concerns, even for a Vampire mom.

I tell Max to tone it down and not to encourage the ladies. I tell him that he has to be a good example to his nephew and keep the respect of his niece. So far my son Garrett has done a pretty fair job of keeping the high school girls in control, and I want to keep it that way.

My Vampire friend Angela told me it is the same with her husband. She finally have to lay down the law and tell him not to play with his food and show some respect.

I shouldn’t worry. They just went to the new Star Trek movie. But if you think Kirk was good with the ladies, imagine if he had been a Vampire. Wooooo!

I asked the kids if “it” happened. They said Uncle Max got a few looks. OK, Clara said he got a lot of looks. Garrett didn’t notice. Good Max.

And what about Vampire ladies? We get noticed…but only when we want to be noticed. If we want to be noticed they can’t resist us. That is the advantage Vampire girls have. Bet you didn’t know that did you?

By the way…they loved the movie. I’ll have to go see it soon. 3-D of course.

Live Long and Prosper. And for good luck, kiss a Vampire.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



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