Just another quiet night

There is a drought out my way. Last night my sister-in-law Verity and I walked down the path to the bluff. Even in the dark we could see how the lake had dropped. The small lake. The big lake just beyond the dam was almost empty of water. Old Gold Rush era towns were surfacing along with long forgotten bridges and roads.

“Do you think it will ever rain again?” Verity asked knowing how I’d answer.

“No,” I said.

Behind her a shadow materialized then a voice. “You are so beautiful, even for a Vampire. You are Botticelli’s Venus wrapped in a shroud of death and deception.”

She turned around and slashed her arm through the ghost who stood behind her. “Damn you,” she growled at him, fangs barred.

I almost rolled my eyes at them. “Both of you stop it.”  I swear it was like being with children all over again.

Nigel the Ghost stood there with a sly smile on his face. He brushed a bit of black hair out of his face and winked at me.

Despite the clear sky and the dry days I could feel a bit of dampness in the air from the mist lifting off the water. Urban coyotes howled and yipped along the parkway. Turkeys roosted in the trees above. A few small bats flew above our heads. We could see deer walking in the distance near the backs of our neighborhood houses.

We made our way to the street and walked another half mile to the neighborhood coffee shop where Verity and I had coffee. Nigel sat and took in the sights and smells. There we sat, two Vampires and a Ghost discussing books, bickering about not being normal humans and pondering what was in store for our college and high school aged children.

None of the other patrons had any idea what we were. Then again, we had no idea what they were. They were human, or at least we think they were, but like I said, one never knows about these things.

Verity received second glances due to her stunning beauty. Nobody seemed to notice that our reflection in the windows were only faint shadows. Nobody noticed that the two women by the window were talking to someone that nobody else could see.

Nigel and Verity got into a long philosophical discussion on what it was to be human. They’d both been human at one point. How odd it was for them to turn into something else, but still be human, but not human. Nigel said he missed the taste of a cold beer on a hot summer day. Being a Ghost sucks for the most part. He’d adjusted. Verity had been horrified for years that she needed to feed on others to survive but eventually she learned the game – the give and take. Most experienced Vampires had elevated it to an art form almost. Just as Ghosts did with haunting. They found their way and their own happiness.

I was always this way, sort of human I suppose but not a regular human (I was born a Vampire.)

We walked home through the neighborhood streets. Not a car went by. Not a dog barked. We could hear someone laughing in one of the houses. A cat looked out at us from a window.

When we arrived back at my house Nigel looked at us and said, “I never thought I’d be the guy with the two hot Vampire chicks.” Then he laughed and vanished.

It was just another quiet night.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

night bird


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