He’d always been around, my brother’s best friend. His face was one of the first in my memories. His human soul was one of the first in my heart.

Our families were linked together. Our fathers were business partners and friends. Our mothers raised their children together. Yet we were different. We were so very very different.

Every time I saw Teddy I had to smile. I couldn’t help it.

Over the years, after his engagement, after he died, after he wasn’t really dead, and after he went off into the world I kept seeing him. Each time it was always like the first time.

We were cursed with bad timing. He was always with someone or I was with someone. We should have just admitted our feelings.

Though we’d had remarkable adventures together as young Vampires we didn’t have a remarkable romance, except for the fact that it was ours. It was completely ours.

So each time we see each other it is love at first sight all over again. The feeling hasn’t changed. And when we look at our children we get the same reaction.

Love at first sight happens but the key is to act on it. Don’t wait 100 years like we did.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



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