Red Mustang

Have you been to the City of Zombies yet? Check it out. You’ll be glad you did (but carry a big gun and your zombie spray.)

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Erik stared at several zombies as they pounded upon the dirty windows of the red Mustang.  The windows rattled each time their meaty palms smacked the glass but it seemed to hold.  The mid-afternoon sun warmed the stale, pungent air within the car.  Within thirty minutes the heat would be unbearable and rolling down the windows would be crazy.  He suddenly remembered the little girl, Kali.  She was trapped four feet away in another car with a dead father and mother that had become a zombie.

“She has been in that car a while,” he thought as he imagined the long, painful scene.  “If they are within that car.  Is it possible that they have been stuck all night long?  The father turned and the poor girl was forced to slam his head until he died.  The mother, who had yet turned, slowly became sick till she became a zombie. …

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