Because I’m The Mom (and I don’t feel good)

As parents we like to think we are invincible. Let me reword that, we would like our children to believe we are invincible.

Unfortunately we are not. Not physically or emotionally. We can bullshit the kids and pull whatever wool we have over their eyes but sometimes we can’t do it.

Sometimes things get beyond our control.

I have been under the weather, some head spinning, bad blood sort of thing that has had me feeling out of sorts and out of control for going on four days. I can’t do this. I’m the one who takes care of everyone. I’m the one who comforts them. I make sure they’re safe. I make them laugh. Now I sit in a daze with my mind a blur like some ancient Vampire ready to close up a graveyard crypt and stuff my brain with cobwebs and brimstone. No, I will not and cannot let this happen.

It is mind over matter time. I don’t have the luxury of rest or self-pity or indulgence that illness might bring. This just blows. Right I know that doesn’t sound too poetic but it’s true.

It could be blood poisoning or something equally as awful. I don’t know. Being a Vampire can mean no common colds or flu bugs or most illnesses but we can get under the weather in the worst way with our own mysterious maladies.

The light hurts my eyes more than normal. I can’t see except in a fog. I want to be a creature of the night, yet I do not want to sleep. I don’t want to sleep because then I will not be in control – I will be out of control.

So I will say to this thing “no more, I do not want you in my world or my life or anywhere near me. I will not have you.”

This is an unwanted suitor with no redeeming qualities. Even in deep sleep he is bad in bed. He is horrible and a bore. He needs to go away.

A friend of mine with six children was once said “I can’t get sick.”

A childless friend asked “Why not?”

Her answer was “Because I’m the mom.”

Yes, that is pretty much the answer for just about everything and it is usually the correct answer (99% of the time.)

Enough of my complaining. That just about says it all.

Because I’m the mom.



Hope you’re all in good health and good spirits this week – and be nice to your mom.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



sun in my face



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