A shooting threat – at our high school today

Halloween is almost here so…

I’d seriously planned, and still do, to post a story about my usually collection of Vampire friends and musings, but right now I have to talk about high school and what is happening today.

This isn’t going to be a post that changes your life. It isn’t especially written well or entertaining. It is just my own feelings about today.

On Friday tragedy stuck a high school in Marysville, Washington in the form of another senseless and tragic school shooting. This morning I heard on the radio that another student had died from her injuries.  My heart breaks for her and her parents. There was no reason for this to happen.

Then around 7:30 am this morning my phone rang. It was my daughter’s school. In a recorded message the school principal said there had been a threat. A threat that there would be a shooting today, October 27, at the school. The kids are all in school. Sheriff officers are standing guard. My daughter is texting me in between classes.

I know she will be safe but I’m a nervous wreck (I look calm but I feel sick.)

I think of all of the kids at her school of around 2,500 students. That is about the same size as the Marysville school. They’re all of my kids in a way. All of our kids. I can’t imagine harm coming to any of them.

My daughter has been texting me all morning, between classes, about what everyone is saying. She asked for me to call the office and ask for an early dismissal. I bet all the kids are doing that. No chance I’ll honor that request. But if I thought there was a real threat today I would call.

Today it is just a bluff, I hope.

There is no answer for shootings.


  • If you have a gun lock it up. Keep it locked at all times. No excuses.


  • Talk to your kids. Talk with your kids. Let them know the value of life. Let them know that any rough times and hard feeling will pass. Let them know that fleeting anger will pass. Talk to them about their feelings. Talk with them. Listen to them so if they do have a problem they will go to YOU and not resort to violence, self harm, drugs or other destructive behavior. It is so easy to brush off feelings. It is so easy to label people. Listen. Support. Love. Guide. Be there for them without judgment.


And today as always, hug them. Hug your kids so tight they tell you to stop. If they don’t live with you all the time or they’re away at college or anywhere else CALL THEM and tell them you love them.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and students in Marysville, WA.

My thanks go out to the teachers and administrators at my daughter’s school and the law enforcement officers who are there today.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



10 thoughts on “A shooting threat – at our high school today

    • All is well. It was a prank. Only about 11 kids out of 30 something showed up in each class. Two of the teachers gave extra credit for the kids who showed up. They (the teachers) said they all have kids of their own and if it wasn’t safe they wouldn’t have showed up. It ended up being a prank but unfortunately this joke wasn’t funny. Yes, it is scary stuff. Thanks for dropping by. xoxo

  1. Hey, stranger! *waves* Sorry I have not been by. Blogging is tough for me these days due to time constraints. However, I saved your post in my inbox because I felt as you do about this terrible trend – and wanted to make sure I came by for a visit.
    My wife is a teacher and I have been teasing her that she’ll be packing a weapon soon. I don’t own a firearm. I just never thought it would be worth it if one of my children ever found it by accident. They are 20 and 16 now, and I still don’t own one. It seems silly to have to run in one direction for the disarmed weapon and then run to another spot somewhere else to grab the ammo in the middle of the night. I’d be better off with a Louiseville Slugger behind the bed.
    I don’t know what we have to do to end this. Do we quit showing their faces on the evening news? Do we have one entrance and metal detectors and security present? All I really know is there is no reason for it.
    *brotherly hugs*


    • Hey, glad to see you here! The threat was written with a purple glitter sharpie on the girl’s bathroom wall and it included a smiley face. Turns out it was a bad joke. What a sad mess.

      I always thought if someone broke into my house I’d just throw a cat at them.

  2. Reblogged this on Vampire Maman and commented:

    Update: The girl who make the threat to the school confessed. It was a joke to get the day off. She was then arrested and taken away from her school, her family and friends and put in juvenile hall. She was also expelled from the school. A joke that caused so much panic and no doubt will ruin the life of this middle class girl. I can’t imagine the horror she will have this Halloween in jail. It is sad. Very sad. PLEASE talk to your kids about consequences. Too many kids are clueless about the grave consequences of their actions. Even a small joke can turn serious and dangerous. A confession won’t get you a “get out of jail free” card. Tell your teens to THINK and remember cautionary tales such as this one. It is just sad and unfortunate all the way around. Wanting a day off from school ruined a life. It isn’t worth it.

  3. That is so sad!!!! And I agree, I’ve had some really bizarre stuff going on in my household lately regarding lies and deceit with my teenage daughter, and it almost ruined her life. Her life is now ruined for only two weeks from grounding her, instead of more serious consequences had I called the police as I wanted to.


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