Death Came Calling

I sit numb at yet

another loss

another potential loss

another real loss



I’d like to say Death came calling and we had a lovely conversation about how inconvenient  he makes things but it didn’t happen. That is the conversation. Not the other part.

He dances in my neighborhood not concerned with the age or gender of who he dances with or takes away to the grand ballroom elsewhere.

Not that I should care because I live among ghosts and shadows.

Then again, I live among cats and barking squirrels and humming birds and teenagers. Death can take all of them as well, but death can’t put out their light. They shine bright and keep the world dazzled long after they are grown or gone. It is for the rest of us to try to shine the same way and dazzle, even in the face of death. Or even when death comes from behind.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Juliette by the window

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