Fun and Fancy in the Dark Ages

Sometimes you see something that is so weird that you have to wonder say to yourself what the Efron?

dark age mama









Ideals of beauty and art have changed over the centuries but there are things I can’t even begin to explain on my own. Just promise me you won’t use this image on your 2015 Christmas Card or as your Facebook profile picture.

And there is nothing new about fart jokes. Every parent knows that.

fart joke






Of course if you tease the animals about farts too much there will be consequences.

call peta







Trust me on that one.

blue cat









Then again the dark ages couldn’t have been that bad. They had blue cats and sense of fun despite plagues, religious intolerance, rampant ignorance and little respect for human life (just like now.)


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




19 thoughts on “Fun and Fancy in the Dark Ages

  1. You need to look up the Book of Beasts. It has great stories about the characteristics of animals, many of which they knew little or nothing about in the middle ages, so most of the stories are way out there.

    • I’ve heard of the Book of Beasts. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion. I always liked the pictures of the men with no heads and faces on their chests. I don’t know why. It just seems so crazy and far fetched.

    • It was a horrible time. Absolutely horrible. Yes, you brought up the ass part. Good point. If you look at art from that time somebody always has something coming out of… well coming out or going into to everything. I wondered if any of them thought that 1,000 years later somebody would be laughing at it (or maybe they laughed out loud the first time too.) Thanks for dropping by.

    • That is TOO FUNNY. Yes you did get it from here. Last night we (my daughter and I) laughed about it – one day it will be a popular phrase and someone will trace the origins back to this blog! Oorah!

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