Further from the truth

“You call me a predator, yet you could not be further from the truth.”

I remember those words, spoken so long ago. So very long ago.

And now I sit with my magical machine that allows me to write and connect to the world. A tool, not unlike a pencil and paper, just… well, it does a lot more, but the thoughts and ideas are the same. More or less the same.

I sit in the shade on my deck surrounded by the sounds of birds singing and a riot of color from spring flowers and window boxes full of herbs. A calico cat seeps in a chair next to me resting from her morning hunt.

But I was never the predator. I only wanted blood but you wanted more. You wanted to own, to control, to dominate, to use and exploit in any way you could.

I said, “you cannot exploit something that nobody believes in.”

“They’ll believe me,” you said.

But no one heard your words.

I left and you were made the fool, feeling like crazy man with an empty heart and his needs never met.

You can change the light and think you can control the shadows, but it is only an illusion that can quickly change when the switch is turned to off.

Trust is a rare thing that should be treasured but used with caution. You knew this.

You could have never imagined the world of now, of your great grand children who only know of you as the handsome man whose portrait hangs in the great hall of learning, respected and honored.

And your secrets stay with you,

And with me.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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