Morning musings on cats, siblings, the weekend and skating.

oscar_artistic copyThis morning after I dropped my daughter off at school I pulled back into my driveway and noticed the neighbor’s black and white cat lounging like the queen she is on their roof. My own gray and white little cat bastard was rolling around in my front yard singing me songs of welcome. Cats are great.

The wreath on the front door looked like it was falling apart. That wasn’t the case. A bird had added to it and has built her next on my front door. I’ll be able to look through the glass over the next few weeks and maybe see some babies. I just hope the doves (not birds of peace) or the calico cat don’t get to them. I will watch the predators. Mr. Oscar Gray and White doesn’t hunt so I’ll leave him to roll in the dirt and sing the songs of his people.

The text message on my phone dings. It was a group message with my siblings. I’m the youngest of five with four older brothers (Max, Andy, Aaron and Val.)

A few weeks ago my brother Andy was jumped while leaving a rehearsal. Andy is a singer living in San Francisco. He has the voice of an angel, the looks of a heart throb rock star and is as silly as a sixteen year old girl.

Max: We’ve taken care of the people who attacked Andy. Our parents are still in Europe. I have to go to Boston. Will someone watch Andy for the weekend. He is still in a bad way.

Aaron: I just talked to Andy. He said he was fine.

Max: He isn’t fine. His friends are irresponsible.

Aaron: OK. I was going to see Clara skate this weekend. This is big. She needs support from us.

Clara is mine. She also is recovering from a bad fall that resulted in a concussion and bruised leg. Yes, we’re Vampires and we recover quickly but we still get hurt. A huge invitational artistic roller skating meet is at her rink this weekend and we’re involved big time.

Outside the squirrels are performing death-defying circus acts in the oak trees. It made me think about the base jumpers who parishes in Yosemite recently. It brought up discussions with the teen about having passion for something but also about risks. The climbing community is big around here and we know climbers. We’ve done some rock climbing just for kicks and grins over the years. Anyway, I admire passion but don’t follow it to your death – or do, but I don’t advise it. Sigh.

The text bell on my phone dings again.

Val: I can go over there this afternoon. Let me finish up a few things.

Me: Bring him back here. He can stay with us for the weekend.

Val: Are you sure you want that?

Me: Crazy is my middle name.

Aaron: You’re a saint.

Me: I wouldn’t go that far. I’m taking him to the skate meet with me.

So Val will drop off Andy and it will be fun.

Last night I had one of those vivid dreams that seemed real. In my house was a large box – it was sort of like a chest with legs and decorative floral carvings on the front. We (my husband and I) had it for a body. I figure this was going back to the old Vampire/Crypt thing. There was a body in the box. She was a dark-haired woman with ringlets and a white dress in the popular style of 1870. Sometime in the dream she was a stranger and sometimes she was me. I sealed the box with blue electrical tape. There was another body as well but we ended up putting it in a bag. I have no idea who it was. I never saw the face.

Today I’ll get everything together for the skate meet. I’ll get things ready for Andy. I’ll call Andy and see how he is doing after his bout with the Vampire Hunters. I won’t worry about any of it. This weekend will be busy – autopilot time.

That was my morning musings. Now down to the store for blood and brie and a few good apples.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Oscar Gray


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