Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school for Clara and her fellow high school friends. They’re going to hang out this afternoon and make summer plans.

This reminded me on an incident when I was her age.

In 1857 the first pubic high school opened in our area. It is still in operation to this day as a Charter School.

In 1875 on the last day of school Mr. Reginald Hobbs, a teacher at that school, closed his classroom door and said, “Thank God I never have to see those horrible little bastards again.”

Then he walked home, drank half a bottle of whiskey and waited for night to fall.

A few blocks away Miss Ida Farmington waited for her lover with bated breath, naked on her bed dreaming of what summer might bring.

The next morning Miss Farmington and her lover (the married father of one of the school’s top students and brother to the school principal) were found with their bodies torn open as if by animals. It was assumed wild dogs or coyotes had come through the back door of the house.

The following September Mr. Hobbs gave his resignation and moved to Marin County, just north of San Francisco to raise prize hunting dogs and write cheap crime novels.

My brother Val swore Mr. Hobbs had hair on the palms of his hands. We asked our parents if he was a Werewolf but they wouldn’t tell us either way.

Val said Mer. Hobbs was a talented instructor. It was also rumored that he had intended to propose to Miss Farmington as soon as school was out.

I can only hope nothing so dramatic will happen this year. So far so good.




~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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