Will she come through?

I stand alone


Above all things

Seeing all


Will I kill today?

Or will I just watch

The masses of life before me?

I ponder string theory

And the flight of birds

And sleep

And nothing.

Will she come through?

And I slowly close

My eyes

Until I hear

That sound

That makes

Me call out

With excited bliss

She has opened

The can.

I am complete.

I am her cat.



I am her cat.

I am her cat.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

5 thoughts on “Will she come through?

  1. Was getting concerned. Thought maybe one of those “hunters ” found you, or maybe sick, or an accident. …, but no, for some unexplicable reason you had just fallen off my follow list. Cats, they’re as loyal as long as you are feeding them! Ha! 🙂

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