You know you’re fully human, or of a human sort when you feel love, but more so if you feel love and empathy.

When you’re kind of old, and kind of dead, and living a hundred or so years past your expiration date, and drink blood right out of the container, you need empathy.

In order to not really be dead inside and cut off from everything that makes our existence with living, you need to understand and imagine what others feel.

Do they feel fear? Do they feel love? Are they afraid? Are they alone? Do they despise you because they see nothing in your eyes, like a hollow black-eyed demon, with a black unfeeling heart, or worse, a selfish heart.

I tell my kids (almost 16 and a little over 19) that sure, it is always fun to scare the shit out of someone and bite their neck. It is fun to seduce someone with the promise of sex and bite their neck. But it is better to let them know you understand and take them quietly without fear, but with respect and understanding. They’ll never know you are a Vampire, but you’ll know just whose blood you’re carrying around inside of you. Vampire kids, and any new Vampire needs to know that. We need to appreciate those in our lives – even if we do feel kind of dead. We don’t need to make others feel dead.

In turn, you never go hungry. A win/win all around.

I mean, we all know we’re not dead. We’d be, well, rotting away somewhere or not here if we were. We’re just a little reanimated. Some of us have always been reanimated. Don’t ask me to explain. I just blog. I don’t write scientific papers.

I once knew someone, a lover of long ago, who lacked in empathy. It was like being with a ghost, or a child.

I’d hear bad news and say something like, “Can you imagine how awful that must have been for her to lose her family to Werewolves.”

Then he would say, “No, I’ve never been in that situation.”

I think at that point I knew it was over between us. I can be cold. I can be deadly. But I am not without empathy.

Empathy is an early lesson for children. On the practical side the earlier they learn empathy the less likely they’ll become brats. When they get older having empathy makes them better friends. It also makes them better leaders.

Sometimes empathy doesn’t come naturally, for many reasons. It is sad on so many levels. Those who are clueless to the feelings of others miss out on so much. But how can one miss what one does not know?

Of course there are the Shadow Creepers who can’t feel much of anything. They are the Vampires without souls or such fractured souls that they can’t function outside of their own dark unbeating hearts. Lock the crypt and seal it up is what I say. Unfortunately we can’t always do that.



~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman







6 thoughts on “Empathy

      • Case and point: I’ve been reluctant to do exactly what you’ve been doing, but I think my residents are enjoying my Q&A posts. I consider myself a “baby vamp” (until I can think up something more mature to call it) in terms what my friend Eric calls “time in rate,” but the two other immortals I interact with seem to accept me in spite of that.

  1. What is even more corrosive is a leader with false empathy. It is not fake, just limited. They are the oldsters (in mind) that base their empathy only on their experience. ” Yes the schoolyard is tough, but I got through it therefore you should too. You were the only vampire in that school ? So what , the other kids teased me because I came to class with a hang nail – just get over it like me. ”

    They assume their hardships and successes are equivalent and pass judgments and laws based on that life experience.


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