Hot Sweaty Necks and Cocktails

I tell my kids that summer is a different sort of time for Vampires. One has to deal with hot sweaty salty necks and an assortment of other yucky summer fun.

Yes, sweaty body parts are disgusting. I’m not talking about the heat of passion sweat. I’m talking about the kind of sweat that comes with a hundred degree plus Farenheit temperatures mixed with salt and hair and God knows what else. The what else includes sunscreen, bug spray, dust, dirt, bacteria that turns into summer fun BO. Yes folks, that is the exciting romantic life of a Vampire.

On the other hand people are slow and sleepy. Of course my teens can’t ply their donors with alcohol but the can easily talk them down and make them drift off into a lovely heat filled summer trance. Oh my goodness how easy it is to get folks to just doze off for a minute or thirty in the summer heat.

And speaking of summer heat and good ideas… I heard that the animals in our zoo are getting water and blood ice to help keep cool with.

One of our summer favorites is a tall glass filled with half/half ice cubes (half blood, half water), pour almost to the top with Sanpellegrino Arncita Rossa (Italian soda), add a healthy dash of good quality gin or vodka, then garnish with fresh mint.

Note: If you are under 21 skip the booze. If you aren’t a Vampire just use regular ice cubes. Don’t try to be cool and use the blood ones. It will just taste nasty to you.

Of course you know I adore any kind of Bloody Mary. Do a search on my blog and you’ll find a number of fun cocktails for summer fun. Just do it. You’ll be glad you did.

So that is it for today. I’m finishing up and book and getting ready for the next road trip so the blog posts will be brief for a while (but don’t quote me on that.)

Have fun and stay COOL.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman










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