At my darkened door

A high piercing noise,

Like a rhythm from Satin’s orchestra,

Drums out a beat,

On my darkened glass door.

What demon comes in from the night,

With glowing eyes,

And teeth like razors,

Born to kill,

And tear flesh from bone.

I turn and see,

Nothing more,




Sad eyes,

An angel,

Asking to,

Be let in.

And held,

In a warm embrace.




~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


3 thoughts on “At my darkened door

  1. It would have to been something so NOT scary when seen. Ours make some of the strangest sounds from within the house. Not regular sounds. Just spooky ones. They do it for attention, I am sure of it. Your kitty certainly got rewarded with relief inside of you and a warm loving hug. Fun poem once we got past the a la Poe part. 😀


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