Literature and History – Moms and Vampires

Tonight we talked about history and literature. Then I went right back to my trashy crime novel. But no quiet time for me because I am the mom. Everyone migrated over to where I sat and continued to talk, quite loudly this time, about history and literature. Then they said they loved me and laughed in my face.

I’ve had a few bouts of history and literature of my own lately.

My book is almost finished. All I have to do is polish up the end – the part where everything hits the fan in a big way. It is good. Really good. Best seller good.

As for history, well that is an odd little story of no consequence. My daughter Clara and I recorded our thoughts in the Story Corps booth a few weeks ago. I was so excited. I’d been on the wait list. My teenage daughter, who never stops talking, went with me. We were going to be brilliant.

For those of you who don’t know what Story Corps is please go to or go to for more information.

What happened is that we arrived at the booth, with our notes, and we rambled. The child didn’t say much. I tried to coax information out of her and she went blank. I went blank as well and rambled on about my parenting philosophy and other odds and ends that were not exactly stories. It wasn’t a fail but it wasn’t our usually rip-roaring hilarious banter.

Needless to say I doubt if you’ll hear us on NPR anytime soon. Our stories will be archived in the Library of Congress forever. If someone, say a researcher in the year 2089, hears them they’ll think, “what an awkward pair.” But they will also know that we are full of love and concern and good things.

You’ve heard my stories here. You know how we talk nonstop and say all sorts of amusing and interesting and funny things. Oh well.

That brings me to Nathaniel Chase.

I never asked him what it feels like to be a leader or figure in the history of my people. I don’t ask him what it was like to be part of a movement that saved all of us from oblivion. He exists on his own terms, day-to-day, just like the rest of us.

Nathaniel Chase was one of the leaders in the Modern Vampire movement that started in the early 1800’s.  He never thought he should have to live in the shadows as a separate species. He brought us back into the light.

Nothing he did was ever without reason or research. I speak in the past tense, but he is still very much around.

When I was young he watched my brothers and me grow up and flourish. We were a large brood as Vampires are concerned (four boys, one girl.) My brother Val and I, the youngest two of my family, were the ones he spent the most time with. Whenever we’d court disaster or need to be rescued he would always be there. I didn’t say we appreciated his interventions, but he was always there for us. More often than not he had his black cat with him. No, not some paranormal cat. It was always just a cat. A normal regular cat. And sometimes he’d bring his longtime girlfriend, a Vampire he’d been with for centuries. Also, there is a literature tie-in because he always had more than one book he was reading.

I’ll have more stories later. There are some here on this blog. I’ll have some links at the end. I guess I’m just feeling like I did in that Story Corps booth. I have a hundred stories I could tell at any given time but today, for whatever reasons, I can’t even think up the words to describe all that we’ve experienced together. I can’t describe this person who has had such an influence on me.

So here are links to some of my adventures with Nathaniel Chase. If there was a Nobel Prize for Vampires he would get it.

Click on the titles below to get to the stories.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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