A Call from College

“Hey mom, here is this guy in my organic chem class.” My college kid Garrett paused. “You might know his dad.”

Of course the way he said that my mind starts racing as I run down the list of every guy I’ve ever been involved with over the past hundred years. “Who is your friend?” I ask oh so innocently.

“He isn’t really a friend. I mean the guy is nice enough. His name is Ryan Yantz. His dad is Robin Yantz. Mom, his dad is THAT Robin Yantz.”

“I see. Has Ryan approached you about it, or done anything suspicious?”

“I don’t think Ryan is involved with any of it. He was showing some pictures of a trip to Costa Rica and I recognized his dad, and it clicked.”

As a parent you want your child to be safe. When you’re a Vampire parent you want your child to be safe from Vampire Hunters. Sooner or later they are going to cross paths, but we all hope it is later. We all hope it is never at all.

Robin Yantz is one of the smartest and most ruthless of traditional Vampire Hunters.

“Garrett, listen to me,” I told my son, trying be calm. “Under no circumstances, no matter how tempting, do you want to get close to Ryan. You don’t need to poke around and make yourself known. You need to keep clear of Ryan. Make sure your friends keep clear of him.”

“I get it mom. We’ve all talked about it. Nobody knows what we are. That includes the Wolves.”

He was speaking of the Werewolves. The Vampires at the college watch out for the small population of their full moon friends. Young Werewolves tend to be sort of lost souls. Unfortunately I worry because young Vampires tend to be overly confident party animals who live to socialize.

“Mom, I’ll be home on Tuesday. Um, don’t tell Dad. He’ll get all worried and bent out of shape.”

Thanksgiving break has started and all of my kids, my niece, my nephew and all of the young or new Vampires in my life will be around. I worry about all of them. Even if they were not Vampires I’d worry about them. Of course I know all of them can take care of themselves, but I’m a mom, so I worry.

When I got off of the phone with Garrett I thought of Robin Yantz. I could picture him, tall and thin, dressed in black with a ridiculous black Indiana Jones style hat and his man-purse full of the tools of his trade. What an asshole.

Robin Yantz had tried to take out more than one of my family members. I was not happy to learn that Garrett is going to school with one of the Yantz spawn.

The thing is, you can’t judge the kids. I know the Yantz kids aren’t involved and don’t have anything to do with their father’s activities. Still, it bothers me, I’m sure more than it bothers my child.

Thanksgiving is almost here. I hope the only surprises will be good ones. I hope the only blood spilled will be that coming from a bottle, and the only nuts will be roasted and spiced and from a tree (and I don’t mean my family tree.)

Have a good weekend everyone. Don’t forget to hug those near and dear, especially your kids and your old people.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


By the way, your reading list for next week is below:

Campus-Affair-1966-Cover-art-by-Victor-Olson tumblr_lrzr2qiJ1Y1r3dllwo1_500 36203a869a8cb030ac3bc20b785fd518 skanks images



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