A Cold Dark Walk…with love

Last night we took a walk in the woods with the kids. It was the last walk before they get back to school. It was the first family walk in twelve years without our dog.

We spoke of the past. We spoke of the future.

It was cold but our breath does not show. We’re not warm enough for that.

My children are the most “normal” well adjusted children in the universe. They’re social. They’re smart. They’re good looking. They get along with us (their parents.) But, they are different.

They’re Vampires. They live in a world they can’t always control, even though they are at the top of the food chain. They aren’t on the outside looking in, but they’re always watching.

It usually isn’t a problem but sometimes they have to deal with issues or have friends in our community who are trying to come to terms with who and what they are.

A lot of kids are like that. Nobody should have to feel like they don’t belong. Even when they are different. Even when they have secrets.

So we walked the path in the oak woods, underneath the cold night sky, together, talking and laughing. I treasure those times.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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