Top things I hate about people who aren’t Vampires

Top things I hate about people who aren’t Vampires

Followed by a few things I like about people who aren’t Vampires.

Warning: Strong language, adult situations, offensive to everyone who thinks they are the shit.

People who won’t give you a recipe or leave out ingredients. Get over it. Your cookies, cake, salsa, tuna casserole, fill in the blank aren’t that special. Vampires don’t cook much but when we do we SHARE. That is what you’re supposed to do. Were you raised in a fucking badger hole or what?

Sexist views and general sexism. Men and women are different, but that doesn’t mean one is lesser than the other. So get over it – both men and women.

Humans who put dogs in crates. Unless your name is Schrödinger or you’re going on a trip or to the vet, dogs (and cats) should be allowed to be part of your life, not your prisoner. If your dog is so badly behaved that you have to lock it in a box MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE A DOG. Ever think about that? And don’t tell me that dogs feel safe in crates. Visit your local prison to see how it feels.

People who say they don’t like cats and constantly tell you about it. WTF? I don’t care if you don’t care for cats but you don’t have to make a big immature deal about it. That is just rude. You’re an adult now. Act like it. Are you threatened by the fact that people have cats? Are you threatened by cats? What the crap did a cat ever do to you? Just get away from me.

I hate it when people tell parents with small children, “just wait until she is a teenager. She’ll be HORRIBLE.”  Excuse me? Come over here in the corner and have a nice chat with the Vampire. Just because YOU were a horrible parent doesn’t mean that everyone else will be. And of course some kids have bad days. Some adults have bad days. But please, talk to your kids. I mean from the time they are born until the day you die and it won’t be bad. In fact it will be good. But really, back to the first point… don’t be rude. Don’t be an asshole.

What the crap is up with people who want us all to be Puritans again? Ahhh, they are obsessed with sex or more so what other people are doing in their bedrooms. And why the fuck are they all running for public office? Just mind your own business and wish people happiness in finding love and a sense of family and stability. And don’t tell me that YOU were a virgin when you got married because we all know you weren’t. The Puritans aren’t around anymore because nobody liked them. And nobody will like you if you don’t shut the fuck up. Just keep your thoughts to yourself. Go back to your badger hole.

I HATE people who say “I not into Vampires,” right in my face BEFORE they’ve ever read my blog. They have no idea what this blog is about. Do I tell them to shut the fuck up. No, I just smile politely and leave the boorish person alone with the guy who wants to discuss the relative properties of hydrogen vs helium and how he misses his ex-wife’s big tits. You’ve lost my attention and my respect. You aren’t that special. I listened to your stories and said nice things? Well? And it isn’t just my blog. How many times have you had someone tell you that they don’t like something you do for no reason other than to be rude.

Politics. Nonstop talk about politics. STOP IT. Just shut the fuck up.


I could go on until this is one of those literary “long form” blog posts, but I won’t.

I’ll now say a few nice things in a nice bulleted list.

  • I like how people laugh.
  • I like friendly open people, especially when I’m feeling a bit shy.
  • I like people who have open minds.
  • I like that fact that people are warm. That is pretty cool when you’re a Vampire to feel warm skin next to your cold skin. It is kind of like sitting next to the heater vent (your cat can tell you all about that.)
  • I like the way people give back and pay it forward and help others.
  • I like the way people write and tell stories after all these centuries. Seriously they keep coming up with NEW stories. Wow.
  • I like the way some people still have hope.

So thanks for listening. Feel free to add your thoughts on people who aren’t Vampires. And don’t tell me that you put your dog in a box – just don’t.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman














  1. I can honestly say my dog has NEVER been in a box of any kind, since we rescued her from “jail.” I love my Hannah Banana. And on cats, I LOVE cats, they are so cool. I just can’t touch one with my hands or be on a couch where one has been, I’m highly allergic to the dander. Almost all my friends have cats, so I just “Benadryl up” before I visit. All good! Well said on everything. p.s (I always share my recipes and don’t leave out any ingredients although I guess I didn’t share my recipe for turkey stock a couple weeks ago after the parent wreck after-math. 😮 )

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Awww, we got our dog and our cats from “jails” too. As for recipes – HEY anyone else reading this comment you MUST check out Another Food Blogger. And nothing is left out (including photos)

  2. I think it’s interesting treatment of pets are what the commenters honed in on. I did have a friend who kept two Pomeranians, each with their own carry crates. They had little beds inside and were huge compared to the dogs, but the adorable little things were so tiny their owner locked them in at night for fear of stepping on one if she had to get up while it was still dark. They seemed okay with it, but the moment her alarm went off, she said they whined until she took them for their morning walk. They were always her first priority and she didn’t have a mean bone in her body.

  3. Crates and diapers/puppy pads are the two items that have exploded in the Pets department since I began my retail career 17 years ago. Both are tools of the extremely lazy and uncaring pet owner. it’s a sad statement of today’s society. Maybe the politicians should be tackling the shitty dog owner problem rather than just about anything else they’re currently fighting over…

    1. I bet you’ve seen a lot of weird stuff over the years.

      The only time my dog ever peed in the house was the first week we had her when she was only about 8 weeks old, and 12 years later after she had a stroke. I can’t even imagine having puppy pads. On the other hand maybe we could crate the politicians.

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