Girl in the Woods (4th installment) The Plot Thickens

The plot thickens in Girl in the Woods. This is the fourth installment of this epic serial epic adventure. Links to the first parts are below at the bottom of this post or check the side bars of this blog. If you’ve come for Vampire stuff check back later today. 


Girl in the Woods Part 4

Kitti watched from a window of the castle as Logan and a tall blonde walked to the nature path headed towards Prince Jeff’s and Princess Lauren’s art studio. The stylish long legged woman was no doubt one of Logan’s tarts. She turned from the window to study the fabric swatches for gowns Candi would be needing for her future life at the castle. The designers and seamstresses fluttered around like little birds. It was all giving Princess Kitti a royal headache.

“Who is that with Logan?” she asked one of the designers.

“Annie Hawthorne, a VP at Universal Technologies International.”

“Is she one of Logan’s girlfriends?” Kitti snapped.

“No, not at all. It’s all business. They meet once or twice a month about communications and technology issues.”

“How do you know this?”

“Are you kidding? Everyone who is anyone in fashion knows about Annie Hawthorne. She is a walking advertisement for the best fashion houses in Meadow Creek.”

“I see.”

“Meadow Creek is after all the high fashion hub of the known universe.”

“I’m well aware of that”. Said Kitti with the last of her patience. “You can all leave now. I’ll give you an answer on the fabrics and designs tomorrow. Now go.”

Kitti looked back outside. She could no longer see Logan and Annie Hawthorne. If she’d had her way years ago there would be no Logan or Universal Technologies International. But soon it would all come to an end.

At age 16 Kitti had considered herself an adult. She sat in on her father’s business of running the Lavender Forest, influencing him with her well researched and well rehearsed opinions. She’d already started to take on lovers to gain influence over the court.

A few years earlier her own mother had claimed mental and physical abuse at the hands of Kitti’s father and had run off with a lover, and take her younger sister Daisy with her. When Kitti was 17 her mother, the lover, the new baby and her sister died in a tragic fire at their new home in Aurora Lake. What a shame. Now Kitti had the full attention of her father and brother without the memories of her weak mother and adorable little sister. Funny how a mere suggestion of sexual favors topped with promise of gold had made her problems go away.

She’d known Prince Florien, future king of the Northwestern Kingdom her entire life, but at age 17 she decided she wanted to be the handsome prince’s future bride. Once she’d proved she was a real princess the wedding planning was about to begin. Was about to begin, Kitti thought with disgust.

She’d actually been deeply in love with the young Florien. He was handsome, intelligent and powerful. She would watch him move and imagine him undressed, his well toned body moving with hers. But no such luck. He went riding in the woods one autumn day and discovered Hyacinth, wet and bedraggled with two small brats clinging to her. She could hardly even speak the language. He didn’t know anything about the woman. And in one day, Kitti’s dreams of love in the arms of Florien were over.

She’d gone home and a few years later married Jared, a lovely man who adored her and kept out of her business. She could push him around and control him while she thought of ways to seek her revenge.

The first child they had was a son whom she trained to be as cunning and sly as she was. The second child was a willful girl who needed too much discipline. The third child was a beauty, a musical genius she could control and mold to be the future wife of one of Florien’s sons. And soon after the marriage she would be get rid of Hyacinth and be the new Queen of the Northwestern Kingdom.

If Hyacinth died an early and tragic death, Florien would no doubt go into mourning over the beloved queen and never recover. Plus popular opinion would be against any new queen. But if Hyacinth were to be caught cheating on Florien it would cause him to hate his queen and banish her. Or she could just died in the arms of a lover. Either solution would take work and great expense in bribes and other resources, but no expense would be spared in this matter.

As Queen, Kitti could also get rid of Simon Oliver and that retched Universal Technologies International. Since Florien made the move to bring that by-the-book technology company into his country is had ruined most of her business ventures with the notion of “honest commerce”. Who the hell thought honesty would bring any sort of prosperity?

Kitti’s thoughts went back 6 months before today, when she’d met her match with a man who could understand control and power the way she did. Together she’d work with him to get what she wanted from Florien the most and in return she’d give him exactly what he wanted.

Kitti remembered that afternoon well. She slowly opened her eyes as she drank in the magnificent creature next to her. He was beautiful, his long brown hair rippled over the pillows, his beautiful eyes closed. Hours before she had unbound his hair from the long braid down his back. She allowed him to slowly undress her and then take her with such exquisite force and violence that fulfilled every fantasy she had ever had.

She ran a finger across the fine scar that ran down his perfectly shaped jaw line. His hand grabbed her wrist, making her gasp in pain. “Don’t do that.” He said in his thick Crystal Mountains accent.

Robert Star looked at the woman next to him. Greed and power were her aphrodisiacs.

He pinned her down on her back and looked into her large blue eyes. “We have a deal Princess. I’m not going to play your game. You know who I am. You know what I want.”

“I’ll give you everything you want.” she purred. At 56 she was 10 years his senior and still more beautiful than most women in their 20’s.

A red mark was on his shoulder, the shape and size of a woman’s hand. “Interesting birthmark.” She said putting her own hand on top of it.

“It is a burn princess.” He said with a beautiful sneer.

“She’s a wizard then. I should have known.” Said Kitty, tempted to roll her beautiful blue eyes at him.

Robert narrowed his eyes at Kitty. “She is a wizard of astonishing power. Most would consider her talents dark, and evil, but I know you’ll appreciate the beauty of it.”

“What else can she do, aside from burning a man’s flesh with touch?” purred Kitty, kissing his neck.

“Her powers have been wasted.” He said ignoring Kitty’s advances. “ I know you’re also wondering why she isn’t using her power.”

“I imagine she has her reasons.”

“She’s preoccupied with me.”

“I see.”

“Get your daughter married to Prince Alexander and get me into the Northwestern Kingdom and I will rid the land of Simon Oliver and Universal Technologies once and for all.”

Kitti savored the notion of working with someone so like-minded as herself. Never mind that he had a price on his head. If her plan was going to work she had to take risks. She knew the higher the risks the higher the payback.



~ to be continued



Girl in the Woods is loosely based on the old princess and the pea story, but it goes beyond a simple fairy tale. It is a story about a quest for perfection, or more the rejection of perfection the reality sets in. Because we all know there is no perfections, especially when it comes to love.

It is a fairy tale with a prince and a princess. But the main character is the President of an international technology company who just happens to be a wizard, and just happens to be enchanted.

It is mostly about a circle of friends. As adults living their own lives, they are still connected.

In 2016 I’ll post more each week, then list the links below. Click on the titles below to read. At the end I’ll put them all together.

(Part One) Crystal Mountain Republic

(Part Two) Introduction – Northwestern Kingdom

(Part Three) Annie, Logan and Jeff


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