Give me your thoughts about an unsavory matter.


This coming Thursday (5/26/16) my regular “Ask Juliette” column will be covering the subject of TROLLS, as in Internet Trolls.

Let me know what you think.

Have you ever wanted to share a feel-good meme or news story, only to find that it is followed by negative, and often off subject comments?

How does this make you feel?

Are you that person who leaves the negative comments?

Did you used to be that person? What made you change?

What do you do (if anything) about Trolls on your social media pages, or on your blog?

Do you have any other thoughts about Trolls and their motivation?

Either leave a comment here or email me in private, by Wednesday night, at juliettevampiremom @


If you have other questions about relationships, Vampires, life, writing, parenting, social issues, or anything that is burning a question mark in your brain, please feel free to ask, and it will also be included in a future “Ask Juliette.”

Thanks everyone, and please, watch out for Trolls.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



15 thoughts on “Give me your thoughts about an unsavory matter.

  1. I think Trolls enjoy participation, but they also like reality TV drama. It’s their chance to be snarky safely behind their keyboards without worry about other people’s feelings — which may say more about the Trolls than their targets.

    That said, however, posting anything online invites conversation. If the comments are left on, it may be naive to expect that only supportive statements will be made. Some folks don’t have the education or the experience concerning a particular subject matter and may be asking ACTUAL questions in a way that may sound Trollish while not trying to be. Being accused of being a Troll in a new group can transform someone into a Troll; after all, shouldn’t they act accordingly if no one will take them seriously?

    Online conversation tends to exist in a microcosm of support where people may expect to be safe — Facebook groups, for example — but a difference of opinions can manifest between even the best of friends. My own policy is to allow Trolls to be themselves on my threads while I ask them constructive questions to see if they are indeed a Troll or, perhaps, have been transformed into one. One aspect of this behavior tends to be intelligent, articulate, net-savvy folks looking for someplace to belong; make friends with a Troll and they will be your online friend forever!

    Many folks I’ve met online started out as Trolls but have since joined a contingent of Trollhunters: Trolls who hunt Trolls — a-holes who hunt a-holes. These are friendly but arrogant folks who target Trolls, luring them away down dark tunnels until they find themselves surrounded and left with little choice but to run screaming back under the rocks from whence they came…and it can be quite entertaining to watch.

    • Good points. Really good points. It is a wonderful thing when we can come to an understanding with someone we aren’t quiet sure of (and who can piss us off at times), and become friends. I’m going to use your comments in my “Ask Juliette” day-late post. I don’t think you’ll mind.

  2. Let me tell you, trolls are not interested in trolling a food blog, lol! I would be quite intrigued if my foodie WP blog or FB foodie page got trolled. Not a lot of controversy in a recipe, unless you want to argue about whether it’s ok to use jarred minced garlic vs. fresh minced. 🙂 Other than that, WP filters out all the spam but those aren’t really trolls.

    • Some of the stuff in the SPAM filters is just too weird. I can only imagine someone trying to troll a food blog, but I’ve seen trolls get super nasty on news web sites doing food articles. They’ll go on about something either being unhealthy (like a chocolate cake recipe.) It is insane.For heaven’s sake it is CAKE, not vegan salad.

  3. If you are a regular to social media posting you have to be somewhat “troll-proof”. There is generally a troll waiting in the wings happy to pee all over your feel good happy posters or shoot holes in your fact finding.

  4. Wasn’t quite finished!….I try not to let the negative comments bother me and consider the source and why they might be behaving like a first grader. Look forward to this post!

  5. I will get personal attacks on my weight or looks when I post pictures of myself (well, when I did, I mean) but they would filter out and never get published. Either I delete and don’t care or, depending on where I am in the depression and such and take it all completely personally.

    I know that it has become popular for some people to troll-track or expose people for who they really are, but I view that as just as lousy behavior as the troll. Even in the name of defense, creeping is creeping.

    • Thanks for your comment. Such asshat and troll behavior is so petty and uncalled for. Don’t take it personally. I’m sure the troll who commented on your blog moved on to another dozen blogs leaving mean spirited crap. Ugh.

  6. At the risk of sounding un-PC, Trolling is typically a “guy thing.” Let me explain.

    The menfolk I grew up with generally made fun of each other…a lot. If you reacted to it, you got it more because you didn’t stay “cool.” You continued “getting it” until either you went away or it didn’t bother you anymore (or you didn’t show it). At some point in another, this was a toughening-up ritual, maybe one that grew out of wartime; nobody cared if your feelings were hurt when you needed to take that next hill — the he-man can-do attitude that eventually turned into PTSD because you buried your feelings. All the dads returning home “Weren’t gonna let their boys grow up to be all crying about this or that, no sir!”

    And thusly the “What does it feel like to be so weak that mere words hurt you?” idea (and Viking meme) grew with Trolls showing little or no empathy toward their fellow human being…and dude-bros sadly appear to be the larger part of that nefarious group.

    • You should hear the guys at the high school – they’re all over each other with insults. Some things never change.

      But then there is always that person who HAS to post something. If there is a story about cats the comment is “I hate cats.” If the story is about triplets the person goes off on over population. If the story is about indie publishing the person must go off about how indie authors are hacks who can’t write. You name it, they HAVE to comment with something negative. I guess better on a news article than at a cocktail party, or even worse in the office next to you. The absolutely WORST place for trolls is on mommy-blogs. Holy crap those women can get mean and nasty in the comments sections – beware the mommy-blogs is all I have to say about that.

  7. Didn’t it used to be legal to hang gagged trolls by their thumbs and let them slowly bleed out through punctured wounds through their heels? Not that the sound of droplets pinging the bottom of a galvanized washtub would be satisfying…


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