Simple Pleasures at Dawn (with Coffee and a Vampire)

I can hear the birds in the oak trees. The turkeys in the field behind my house are calling their babies to stay close. Squirrels are coming out and running along the fences and doing ariel acrobatics in the trees. My dog sits at the top of the deck stairs watching it all.

I have coffee, the elixir of all things as the way they should be.

From pots in my yard I picked mint and sage leaves. I crushed them between my fingers, then left them on the pillows of my sleeping children.

Next I went to my own bedroom and gently kissed the cool lips of my sleeping husband.

The dog who was just up watching the turkeys is now curled up next to my feet and snoring. At six months old she is already fifty pounds, most of it sweetness and innocent mischief.

The cats have gone to find their cool spots for a hot and smoky summer day.

I think of yesterday when Nathaniel Chase, an old and cunning Vampire came by with his black cat at his heels, a four year old son holding one of his hands, and a tiny infant Vampire daughter cradled in his other arm. What a change from when my brother and I were unruly teens and Nathaniel was tasked with keeping us out of trouble.

We talked over goblets of blood, then a bottle of Cabernet, about life, and parenting, and cats. The challenges come full circle but we learn. We learn to teach our own children well, so they won’t repeat the same mistakes we did. Yes, they will make mistakes of their own, but perhaps not so foolish as we did.

It is the simple pleasures that I wish my children to savor. The flutter of small bats at night, the purring of a cat, the small hand of an infant holding your finger, or the final coy flirting with a donor before your first drink of blood.

Nathaniel always instilled the idea that one does not succeed as a Vampire by force, or fear, or even cunning. One succeeds by observation, and calculating risks. Once succeeds by savoring the pleasures of our existence, be it alone or in the company of others.

I keep the doors and windows open in the wee hours of the morning to let in the cool air. It is time for more coffee and savoring the songs of the birds, and the newness of the morning.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


vm man of the future



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