Ask Juliette: Unexpected and Exceptionally Fun Play List, and What’s Coming in December

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Ask Juliette

My boyfriend likes new and unusual music. Do you have a fun playlist I can share with him? We both like metal and punk/pop.

Here is a list of cover songs by metal, punk and punk/pop groups you might enjoy.

Panic! at the Disco: This is Halloween

Of Mice and Men: Poker Face

Joey Ramone: What A Wonderful World

Smithereens: Want to Hold Your Hand

Pat Boon: Enter Sandman (This is so freaking weird and sort of horrible but you gotta love it in a really sick and twisted way. Awww man this is bad.)

Panic! at the Disco: White Christmas


My Chemical Romance: All I Want for Christmas is You

Johnny Cash: Hurt

Disturbed The Sound of Silence


Hey Juliette, are you going to post all of your Vampire Christmas stories? Are you going to post any new Vampire Christmas stories as well? And how about those Vampire Christmas songs?

Yes, absolutely. Keep checking back over the next month for all of your favorites, including The Travelers. December is a fun time at


victorian christmas

Today’s Ask Juliette was sort and sweet. Keep those questions coming. You ask and I’ll answer. Thanks to everyone for dropping by.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman





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